Dr. Joanna Kolak

School of Health and Society

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Room L820, Allerton Building.


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Current positions

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology


Joanna holds a PhD in Psychology, awarded by the University of Warsaw, Poland, a postgraduate degree in Psychology and an undergraduate degree in Portuguese language. Her PhD research focused on cognitive and linguistic factors fostering bilingual development. She joined the university of Salford as a Lecturer in Developmental Psychology in 2022. Before taking up this role, she worked as a Researcher at the University of Salford, on a project investigating the educational potential of children's digital media, as well as children's learning from digital media. Joanna also held research posts at the University of Manchester (investigating children's acquisition of morphology cross-linguistically) and at the University of Warsaw (various projects related to child bilingual development). Joanna is also a member of the MultiLADA lab at the University of Warsaw, which enables her to collaborate with colleagues from Poland and Norway.

Joanna teaches on undergraduate modules in the field of Developmental Psychology, she also supervises undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations. She is keen to hear from potential PhD students with research interests similar to her own.

Areas of research

Language development, Bilingualism, Children and media


  • Child Language Development
  • Atypical Child Development

Research Interests

  • Language development
  • Bilingualism
  • Children and Media