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Current positions

Industry Collaboration Fellow


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I am currently a Research Fellow at the North of England Robotic Innovation Centre, University of Salford, UK. I received my Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering at University of Virginia, USA, in 2012. I have not only several years of academic working experience but also have 10+ years of industrial working experience in the UK, China, and USA. I am a member of IEEE, Optical Society of America,and Society of Materials.I am also a member of Industrial Membership Committee, Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA ).

I am an enthusiastic and driven engineer equipped with broad research skills to think innovatively, especially in optic sensor design, neural networks, physical robotics systems, control and automation, managerial experience, and a dedication to securing funding, and successfully delivery of multi-disciplinary projects and high quality, peer-review journal publications. Most recently, my research is focused on AI for robotics, and optic sensing and control for autonomous vehicles.

I am proud of my project management skills both in academic and industries both in the USA and China, which is evidenced by leading and successful delivery of various projects from funding organizations and industrial partners. I am also the founder of a company Hangzhou Fortune Light Optical Technology Ltd, a company specializing in bespoke design of optical sensing, robotic and automation systems, and AI for various applications.

I naturally love teaching. I take pride in my teaching experiences for various roles as a teaching assistant, a visiting professor, and a mentor highly recommended by the students.

Awards and prizes

• 2023, 2nd Prize in The First National Digital Health Innovation Application Competition (Medical Artificial Intelligence) held by National Health Commission of the PRC
• 2018, The 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Zhejiang Division) and the 5th Zhejiang Province "Torch Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition New Material Industry Start-up Enterprise Excellence Award.
• 2011 "National Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad Scholarship"

Professional activities

Editorships:Associate Editor for the APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing

Invited talks: I have given 15+ public/external presentations in the USA, China, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

Journal reviewers:
Regular Reviewer for the following journals and conferences: IEEE Trans, SPIE conferences, RSC advances, Nanoscale and Material research conferences, etc.

Areas of Research

Most recently, my research is focused on AI for robotics, AI for clinical practice, optic sensing and control for autonomous systems.

Selected publications

1. L. Xiao, J Luo, J. Li, J. Lei, and J. Li, (2024) " Fixed-Time Consensus for Multi-Agent Systems under Switching Topology based on A Distributed Zeroing Neural Network Method," in IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics:Systems. Accepted for publication. (Q1, IF: 11.471).
2. J Luo, and J. Li, et al, (2023) “A Discrete-Time Zeroing Neural Network for Time-Dependent Constrained Nonlinear Equation with Application to Dual-Arm Robot System", submitted to IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, under review. (Q1, IF: 14.255).
3. J. Long, and J. Li, et al, (2024) “A robust and predefined-time zeroing neural network solver for dynamic alternating current computing", submitted to IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, under review. (Q1, IF: 11.648).
4. J. Li, S. Kim, S. Edington, J. Nedy, S. Cho, K. Lee, A. J Heeger (a Nobel laureate), M. C. Gupta, and J. T. Yates Jr, "A study of stabilization of P3HT/PCBM organic solar cells by photochemical active TiOx layer", Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 95, 2011, 1123-1130. (Q1, IF: 7.3).
5. J. Li, A. M. DeBerardinis, L. Pu and M. C. Gupta, "Optical properties of solution processable semiconducting TiOx thin films for solar cell and other applications", Applied Optics, 51(2012), 1131-1136 (Q2, IF: 0.52).
6. J. Li, “TiOx applications in organic/Si solar cells” IEEE Photonics Global Conference Nov 2012, Singapore
7. J. Li, L. Pu and M. C. Gupta; "Optical and Electrical Properties of Solution Processable TiOx Thin Films for Solar Cell and Sensor Applications", MRS Proceedings 1352, 2012, pp 75-79
8. J. Li, Z. Huang: “Low Loss Photonic Crystal Waveguide by Elliptical Unit Cell Structure”, 19th Annual Meeting of the IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society, 2006. 827 – 828
9. J. Li, Z. Huang: “Vertical Evanescent Coupling from Channel Waveguide to Photonic Crystal Waveguide”, SPIE Great Lakes Photonics Symposium, 2006
10. J. Li; D. Wang, J. Li, et al: A Novel Parallel Laser Driver Circuit with Adaptive Bandwidth”, Proceedings of SPIE, 6020, 2005, p 60202J
11. J. Li, M. Cao, Z. Cai: “A Top-down Design Methodology and Its Implementation for VCSEL-based Optical Links Design”, Proceedings of SPIE, 5644, 2004, p 296-304
12. Cavity surface emitting semiconductor laser for system simulation [J]. Optics and Optoelectronics Technology, 2005,3(4):29~32
13. Li Jiguang, Cao Mingcui, Luo Zhixiang. Realization of Signal Conversion Module in Very Short Distance Optical Interconnect [J]. Optical Communication Technology, 2005,29(4):24-26

Third-generation semiconductor technology and applications
Co-authored with Y. Yao,et al

Granted Patents

US Patent US10418522B2:Light emitting device and method for making the same
ZL2019222043962 : A thermopile infrared detector
ZL2020223799518 : A heat-sensitive outer detector
ZL2019221217613 : A detection device
Zl2019220447976 : An intelligent temperature control system based on human behavior
ZL2019204741699 : A transparent infrared-blocking device
ZL2019220567817: A magnetron sputtering target gun shield
BS.205580890 : Infrared detection chip FTIR2001
BS.205527698 : Infrared thermopile chip FTS02
BS.20552771X: Infrared thermopile chip FTS03
BS.205527698: Infrared thermopile chip FTS02

Selected Projects:

Intelligent evaluation of hydrocephalus shunt based on human-in-the-loop AI technology
Auto-segmentation of organs for clinical practices
Upgrade of an automated multi-physical robotics production line for car components loading, sewing, laser cutting and unloading
Development of DNA extraction robots and fully automated liquid handling production line for Covid-19 diagnosis
Development of a physical robotic system for online battery quality measurement using EIS method
New high-performance infrared detection sensors and systems
A new type of high-performance infrared detection sensor integrated with nanomaterials
High-efficiency new metal nitride light-emitting diode substrate
Industrial Application Research and Development of Photoelectric New Materials
The next generation of high-efficiency thin-film light-emitting diodes based on new metal nitrides


Computer Science/Electronics related modules:

Robotics and Automation (PG)
Advanced Programming (PG)
Sensors and Actuators (UG)
Digital and Analogue Electronics (UG)

Management related modules: Leadership and Engineering Project Management (PG)

Student Supervision:

PG MSc project supervision: > 24 student projects over 3 years.
UG final year supervision> 12 student projects over 3 years.
PhD candidate, Co-Supervisor,3 students

Qualifications and Recognitions

  • Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering,University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA

    2007 - 2012