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School of Arts and Media

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Room 204, Crescent House


Current positions

Teaching Fellow in English Language


Daniel is a Teaching Fellow in English Language within the School of Arts, Media & Creative Technology. He is currently teaching modules at all undergraduate levels on English syntax (sentence structure) and morphology (word formation), as well as on Psycholinguistics - the study of the relationship between language, cognition, and the mind. 

Daniel's doctoral research investigated the impact of 'linguistic reclamation' - non-derogatory uses, by members of marginalised communities, of the slurs used by more powerful groups to target them - on the cognitive processing of slur words. His research focused particularly on slurs targeting the LGBTQ+ community, as a community to which Daniel himself belongs, and one with a wide range of British English slurs, many of which are the focus of reclamation projects to varying degrees. It drew on a body of psycholinguistic research on the cognitive processing of taboo language, and used a combination of online surveys, lexical decision tasks, recall tests, and eye-tracking experiments. He is currently in the process of outputting the findings of his research, which provides new evidence about the unconscious, emotional effects of linguistic reclamation; introduces the issue of reclamation to the literature on taboo language processing; and contributes evidence to broader social debates and language policy decisions surrounding the reclamation of slurs. 


  • Foundations of Language I
  • Structure of English
  • The Grammar of Words
  • Psychology of Language

Research interests

Linguistic reclamation; slurs; taboo language; emotional language; cognitive language processing; language, gender and sexuality. 

Qualifications and Memberships


Daniel holds both a PhD and an MA (Distinction) in Applied Linguistics from the University of Nottingham, and a BA (1st Class) in English Language from the University of Leeds.