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School of Health and Society

Professor Richard Baker

Professor of Clinical Gait Analysis


Professor Baker spent the first part of his professional life delivering and managing clinical gait analysis services in major tertiary referral hospitals. He spent seven years at the Musgrave Park Hospital in Belfast and then 9 years at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Whilst in Melbourne he was the founding Director of the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Centre for Clinical Research Excellence in Clinical Gait Analysis. He has recently completed a book “Measuring walking - a practical guide to clinical gait analysis”.



Professor Baker is involved in small amounts of undergraduate and post-graduate teaching. He is leading an EU funded project to establish the world’s first Masters programme in Clinical Gait Analysis which will commence in September 2013.

Research Interests

Professor Baker has wide ranging research interests across clinical biomechanics and the process of clinical gait analysis. He is particularly interested in developing a better understanding of why we walk the way we do and why our patient’s don’t.

Qualifications and Memberships

PhD - University Of Dundee 1994

CEng – Engineering  Council 2001

CSci – Science Council 2004

HPC Registration


Since 2008:

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