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School of Environment and Life Sciences

Dr Steven Rossington

Lecturer in Organic Chemistry


I am currently a lecturer in physical-organic chemistry at the university and the Admission Tutor for the chemistry programme area. I joined the University of Salford in 2008 after Postdoctoral periods at the Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre, Manchester University, Liverpool University and a Research Assistance role at Salford University.

My research is mainly on the development of methodology involving chiral lithium amide bases, antibacterial agent development and glycoaminoglycan isolation


L3 Chemical Principles (Module Lead), L3 Scientific Methods (Module Lead), L4 Organic Chemistry

Research Interests

Organic chemistry – synthesis of small biological molecules and methodology. Chemistry pedagogy – evaluation of chemistry university teaching practices on L3 students. 

Qualifications and Memberships

BSc(Hons) Chemistry – University of Salford

PhD in Organic Chemistry – University of Salford


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