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School of Computing Science and Engineering

Dr Prasad Tumula

Senior Lecturer


I'm a Civil Engineer with specialisation in Water Resources Engineering. I've been working in the field of Water Resources Engineering for more than fifteen years at various levels in industry, academics and research. My teaching experience includes, teaching under-graduate and graduate courses in universities in England, Scotland, India, Ethiopia, and South Korea. I've conducted research in the fields of planning and design of water distribution systems, steady state and transient analysis of pipe networks, calibration and leak detection in water supply networks, analysis of water quality in water supply systems, rainfall-runoff modelling, and design of stable canals using sediment transport concepts. I've published papers in various peer-reviewed journals, including ASCE journals. My current research work includes the management of water distribution networks for water quality and source apportionment of urban diffuse pollution.  I'm interested to share my views and experience in the above field with the people working in that field.


Level 4. Fluid Mechanics E2 (20 credits)

Level 4. Fluid Mechanics S2 (20 credits)

Level 4: Building Services (20 credits)

Level 4: Water Resources S2.1 (10 credits)

Level 6. Water Resources E3.1 (10 credits)

Research Interests

Water Supply Systems: Design, calibration, sampling design, water discoloration, leak detection and water security.

Wastewater systems/Pollution in rivers: Design and analysis, source apportionment, SuDS and their performance evaluation.

Artificial Intelligence: Evolutionary algorithms such as Genetic algorithms, ant-colony optimization, and particle swarm optimization. Data mining, fuzzy and Bayesian inference systems.

Qualifications and Memberships



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  • L. Manuel, T. Devi Prasad and B. Paechter (2011), “Representations and Evolutionary Operators for the Optimal Scheduling of Pump Operations in Water Distribution Networks.” Evolutionary Computation, MIT Press, vol. 19, no.3. 415 – 429.
  • T. Devi Prasad, M. Scholz and K. Tota-Maharaj (2011), “Water Distribution Network Calibration using Differential Evolution Markov Chain Algorithm”, Proc. of the 9th International conference on Computing and Control for the Water industry, Leicester, UK.
  • T. Devi Prasad (2010), “Design of pumped water distribution networks with storage.” Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, ASCE, vol.136, no. 4, 129-136.