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School of Computing Science and Engineering

Professor Nigel Linge

Professor of Telecommunications


I am an electronic engineer by profession and have been working in the computer networking and telecommunication fields since 1983 when I commenced my PhD researching techniques for the interconnection of local area networks.   My research interests today include the operation and practical application of computer networks, communication protocols and telecommunications systems in general.  

An example of recent research includes a significant area of work in context driven networks in which information about a user, their location, and task being performed can be used to influence the behaviour and performance of networks and the services they deliver to users.  This work not only includes applications but also new lower level network protocols that are necessary for acquiring and disseminating context information.  A recent practical development arising from this work was the creation of a new multimedia visitor guide (mi-Guide) for the Museum of Science and Industry's "Connecting Manchester" Gallery which uses location and user context to deliver additional information to a hand-held PDA.   Similarly, work on the design of computer networks and communication protocols has led to the development of systems for monitoring energy consumption within homes (Dehems project).  That work is now being extended to track individuals within their home to determine personal energy consumption profiles.

In addition to my research interests, I have a very active public engagement profile where I have a keen interest in explaining and demonstrating telecommunications and computer networking, and specifically the engineering that underpins them, to schools and the general public.  A significant part of this activity relates to telecommunications heritage and its preservation.

Throughout my time in academia I have delivered lecture modules on a range of subjects including digital electronics, microprocessor systems, communication protocols, traffic routing, global networks, computer network design and telecommunication systems.  I am also interested in teaching methods and have undertaken projects into the development of on-line learning for postgraduate students, the use of problem based learning to teach network design and am currently working on the development of new teaching materials for pre-University courses on communications.   

I have also undertaken a range of management roles within the University of Salford which have included terms of office as the Director of Graduate Studies and Head of the School of Computing, Science and Engineering.  I am also an active member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, The British Computer Society and the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals.


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Global Network Architecture

The WAN and Global Networks

Network Technologies, Architecture and Design

Research Interests

Computer network design

Communication and routing protocols

Location based and context driven multimedia services

Telecommunications networks

Energy monitoring systems

Telecommunications heritage and public engagement

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