• British Federation of Women Graduates - Connect with graduate women across England, Scotland, and Wales for information, support, and friendship at local, national, and international levels. 
  • Women & Hi Tech - Join a community of women in the tech industry focused on mentoring, encouragement, learning, and advancement in technology-related fields.  
  • Women in STEM - Helps women feel empowered in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics sectors to help inspire future generations of fierce females. 
  • Women in Banking and Finance - Empowering women in the banking and finance industry to achieve their full potential through a leading professional organisation. 
  • Women in Film and Television - Enhancing the status, interests, and diversity of women in film, television, and digital media industries.  
  • Women Working Worldwide - Collaborating with international women workers' organisations and trade unions to support the rights of women in global supply chains.  
  • Smart Works (Greater Manchester) - Providing guidance and interview outfits to unemployed women seeking work, helping them on their journey to employment. 
  • Men's Group - A supportive network of men, ready and willing to help others like them persevere during job-hunting and recruitment. 
  • Future Men - Work with boys and men from childhood to 25 who face structural discrimination and disadvantage - including of race, income, and community - to help them become healthy, dynamic, future men.