Our University has students of all ages and backgrounds that come together bringing a wealth of different life experiences. Companies are rethinking their recruitment strategies to combat ageism; explore job market challenges and age-related issues that graduates commonly encounter. 

  • 40 plus - A recruitment site specialising in applications from the over 40s, but open to applicants of any age. Submit your CV, and they'll assist you in finding the right job through personalised support. 
  • Employer's Forum on Age - Join a network of leading employers promoting the value of age diversity in the workforce. They actively campaign for change in areas like flexible retirement and age discrimination legislation.  
  • Mature Students - UCAS - Get valuable information on applying to university courses as a mature student (over 21 at the start of your undergraduate course, or over 25 at the start of your postgraduate course), including insights on student life, finances, application processes, and helpful case studies.