Researching employers

Researching employers

What do I need to know?

Master the art of job hunting by thoroughly researching employers. Get ahead in the application process by arming yourself with knowledge about prospective companies. Whether you're making speculative job applications or heading to an interview, knowing the company inside out is crucial.

Things to look out for

  • When researching employers, focus on: 
  • Company culture, mission, and values – Is it your ideal workplace? 
  • Valued skills and experience – Do you possess them or need to develop them? 
  • Key people within the company – Any connections in your network? 
  • News and recent events – What are the company currently working on? What's important to the organisation? 
  • Key clients, products, and services – Explore the industry and competitors. 
  • Recruitment processes – Online, in-person, or specific agencies? 
Researching employers

Where to look

  • Explore the company website for key details. 
  • Keep up with the company's social media accounts. 
  • Connect with important individuals on LinkedIn. 
  • Utilise Glassdoor
  • for insider insights on interviews, salaries, and reviews. 
  • Dive into market research and find out useful information on how industries operate. Use Mintel reports, for industry and competitor information. Check out Prospects Directories and Targetjob publications for employer profiles and contact information.