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Salford Business School

Dr Muhammad Amjad

Lecturer in Strategy


Dr Amjad has thirteen years of professional management and consulting experience, in addition to six successful years in the UK Higher Education. He has worked extensively in strategic marketing management roles in processed food products and stationery products industries. He also acts as a management consultant for strategic management, strategic branding and competitive performance issues.

Prior to joining Salford Business School, Dr Amjad taught strategy and international business at the University of Liverpool Management School (ULMS). His research expertise lies in strategy process dynamics, competitive implications of strategy process patterns and comparisons amongst multinational and indigenous firms in a variety of industrial and country settings. Some of the important international research contributions include:

  • Business History – 2012, Paper Reviewer for the South Asian business issues;
  • Baltic journal of Management – 2009, Paper Reviewer for International Marketing, International Business, Strategy and Alliances (Emerald).
  • British Academy of Management (BAM) conference 2008 - Session Chair for ‘The Dynamics of Strategy’, Strategic Management track, Full competitive papers;
  • Academy of International Business (AIB) 2008 Annual Conference, Milan, Italy– Paper Reviewer for International alliances & International Marketing tracks;
  • European International Business Academy (EIBA) 2007 Conference, Catania, Italy - Paper Reviewer for International Corporate strategies, International Business and Local Development, and International Business and International Marketing tracks


  • Strategic International Business Management
  • Corporate Strategy

Research Interests

My research interests include competitive strategy process dynamics, competitive implementation, and multinational embeddedness. I have conducted research on competitive theorizing of strategy implementation, spatial embeddedness among multinational downstream oil plants, and strategic re-branding issues. I am particularly interested in exploring strategy process issues among multinationals and domestic firms in different international economies.

PhD Supervision

I am currently supervising doctoral students on the following topics:

  • Cross selling strategy adoption and pricing customization in financial services firms
  • Privatization of Pakistan Railways

I am particularly interested in in supervising future doctoral students in:

Strategy Process, International Strategy, Strategy as Practice and strategizing issues


Qualifications and Memberships

Ph.D. (International Strategic Management)

MBA (Marketing)

PG Cert (Business and Management Research)


Refereed Conference Papers

  • Amjad, M. (2008) ‘Resource types and successful strategy implementation within multinational and local firms – An emerging economy context’, British Academy of Management (BAM), 2008 conference – Strategic Management track, competitive paper.
  • Amjad, M. (2008) ‘A holistic exploration of resource-based strategy implementation in an emerging economy: Local and Multinational firms in Pakistan’, Doctoral Competitive paper stream, 35th Academy of International Business (AIB) – UK conference, Portsmouth, UK.
  • Amjad, M. (2007) ‘Firm resources for successful strategy implementation among multinational and local firms in an emerging economy: the case of Pakistan’, 23rd European International Business Academy (EIBA) Conference, Catania, Italy.
  • Amjad, M. (2007) ‘Barriers to strategy implementation among multinational and local firms in an emerging economy: the case of Pakistan’, Proceedings of the Irish Academy of Management 2007 Conference, Belfast, UK.