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School of the Built Environment

Professor William Swan

Associate Dean Enterprise


Professor Will Swan leads the Applied Buildings and Energy Research Group (ABERG) at the University of Salford, which he established in 2011. ABERG is home to the Salford Energy House, a whole test house within an environmental chamber, which has undertaken ground-breaking work on retrofit and controls. He has a background in industry-focused research, previously being sustainability and performance measurement lead at the Centre for Construction innovation before establishing ABERG, as a multi-disciplinary research group. He has undertaken research projects for the EPSRC, EU, Innovate UK and a wide number of commercial clients. He has published a wide number of article and the areas of trust, retrofit and energy in the built environment.


  • Discipline Project 2 CPM
  • Multi-Disciplinary Project 3 Building Surveying

Research Interests

  • Retrofit
  • Energy and Buildings
  • Building Performance


Qualifications and Memberships

  • Member of Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub Buildings Group
  • Chair of Greater Manchester Retrofit Innovation Network
  • Member of National Refurbishment Centre
  • Fellow of Centre for Refurbishment Excellence
  • Fellow of Institute of Sustainability
  • Member of Constructing Excellence Board
  • Member of Zero Carbon Hub Performance Gap Group DV0
  • Co-Chair of Retrofit 2012 Conference
  • Invited Speaker at Housing Forum, Retrofit Roadshow and Eco Build
  • Chair of North West Construction Awards


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Conference Papers

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Books, Book Chapters and Reports

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