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School of the Built Environment

Professor Hisham Elkadi

Dean of School


The University has appointed distinguished Professor, Hisham Elkadi as Head of the School of the Built Environment (SoBE).

Prior to my appointment at Salford University, I was the Chair and Head of School, Architecture and Built Environment at Deakin University since 2009. My academic career with a PhD from the University of Liverpool in 1989 includes a research associate at the University of Liverpool, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Plymouth, Director of Architecture programme and a Director of postgraduate studies at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Chair and Head of School of Architecture & Design in Belfast.

I have established a sound research network on both national and international levels in the subject of urban ecology. I led the art & architecture theme in a EU FP6 Network of Excellence, and works on other national and international grants related to regeneration of mid cities, and urban ecology. I acted as an invited external examiner at many Universities including Harvard Graduate School of Design, the Universities of Toronto, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Beirut, Newcastle upon Tyne, Alexandria, Gothenburg, Kuwait, Lund, Carlow, Kuala Lumpur, Curtin and Newcastle (Australia).

I am an Honorary Fellow at the University College London, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, a Member of Institute of Egyptian Architects, Affiliate of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and a Fellow of the Australia Institute of Buildings. I have 5 books, more than 100 refereed publications and graduated 18 PhD students. I am a Member of the Australian Association of Heads of Schools of Architecture (AASA), Member of the Association of the Australian Deans of the Built Environment (ADBED) and Member of the Board of Examiners, ARB-Victoria.

One of my main objectives is to build more capacity for engagement with both the community and professional bodies in the field of architecture and built environment. I have been involved in building up bridges and outreach programmes with the local communities in England, Northern Ireland, Italy, Turkey, and Australia. I initiated and led community-based projects such as ‘up the wall’ in interface locations in London Derry, VISION2 in Geelong Australia, and films on ‘divided Cities’ on the walls of Belfast and Jerusalem.  I was appointed to the Ministry Advisory Group for the Built Environment in Northern Ireland, a board member of Geelong Art Gallery, and appointed to the Executive committee of the Association of Ulster Architects which are recognitions of my commitment to these outreach programmes.

I said, “I have visited Salford on several occasions and have been very impressed in particular with the work on Construction Informatics in the School of the Built Environment and the goals and priority areas outlined in the University’s new confident and outward-facing Strategic Plan. I am very much looking forward to taking up the role and contributing to SoBE’s further success as a world leader in the 21st century."


Architecture Design, Urban Ecology

Research Interests

Urban Ecologies, Glass and daylighting studies in Architecture

Qualifications and Memberships

PhD (Liverpool)

Fellow of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

Fellow of Australia Institute of Building

Member of Royal Institute of British Architects


Recent Projects - External Funding

Elkadi, H., Jones, D., Farrelly, L. and R. Sommer (2015) Regiopolis: Urban Ecology Structures for Regional Cities, ARC, Under review ($500K)

Elkadi, H. (2014) Geelong Urban Food Hub, Regional Development Victoria, Victoria State Government ($108,000)

Elkadi, H. (2014) Development of an Ecological Spine and WMC, Living Victoria Fund, Victorian State Government, ($50,000)

Bradfford, C. and Elkadi, H. (2013) Landscape to Manufacturing: The Wool Industry in Geelong, Geelong, Community Arts Grants, COGG ($ 6000)

Elkadi, H., CfG, CGG, and DPCD (2012) VISION II, New Vision for the City of Geelong CBD, DPCD ($175,000)

Elkadi, H. and Leao, S. (2012) Mapping Noise in Residential Areas od Citylink, City of Boorandara, Melbourne, Victoria ($50,000)

Elkadi, H. and Yang, R. (2012) Assessment of Levels of Engagement in Geelong Leadership Programmes, Committee for Geelong ($10,000)

Elkadi, H. and Abassi, N. (2012) Development of a Tool for Evaluation of Academic Library Spaces (TEALS), Internal Deakin Grant ($25K)

Elkadi, H. (2010) Victoria Architecture Laboratory of Urban Ecologies (VALUE), Collier Charitable Fund ($6000)

Larkin, H., Elkadi, H. et al (2010) Design 4 Diversity, Strategic Teaching and Learning Scheme, Deakin University ($39,383.50)

Luther, M. and Elkadi, H.(2010) Environmental Analysis of Sports Facilities, Ice Rink, Melbourne (AUD$35K)

Elkadi, H., Luther, M. and Rajagopalan, P. (2010) Environmental Analysis of Public Buildings, City of White Horse (AUD$30K)

Recent Publications

Elkadi, H. (2014) Reading Daylight in Architecture, Ashgate, Hampshire, UK (in preparation)

Elkadi, H. (2011) Every day is a Festival, Kuchler, S. and Elkadi, H. (eds), Sussex Academic Press, Eastbourne.

Elkadi, H. and Lozanovska, M. (2011) Diversity and Architecture, in Diversity Research and Policy, A multidisciplinary Exploration, Knotter et al (eds), Pallas Publications, Amsterdam

Elkadi, H. (2010) Diversity Management in Practice, Kuchler, S. and Wallman, S. (eds), Sussex Academic Press, Eastbourne.

Elkadi, H. and Forsyth, K. (2009) Piazza Vittorio Emmanuelle II: Identity and Meaningful Place Making, EDUP multimedia, Rome

Elkadi, H. and Keuchler, Susanne (2010) Diversity in the Arts, FEEM, Milan, Italy (in preparation)

Elkadi, H. (2006) Cultures of Glass Architecture, Ashgate, Hampshire, UK

Recent Journal Publications

Rajagopalan, P. and Elkadi, H. (2014) Energy Performance of Medium-sized Healthcare Buildings in Victoria, Australia: A Case Study, Journal of Healthcare Engineering, Volume 5 No 2, multi-science

Doheim, R., Nadjai, A., Yohanis, Y and Elkadi, H. (2014) The impact of atrium shape on natural smoke ventilation, Fire Safety Journal, 63 (2014) 9–16, Elsevier

Al Salmi, H., Elkadi, H. and Leao S. (2013) Environmental Assessment Methods in Abu Dhabi, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 78 2013, pp. 1101,1109.

Kattel, G. and H. Elkadi (2013) Developing a complementary framework for urban ecology, Journal of Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, Volume 12, Issue 4, 2013, Pages 498–508, Elsevier

Elkadi, H. and Al Maiyah S. (2013) Assessing the use of advanced daylight modelling tools in enhancing the student learning experience, Journal of Education in the Built Environment, under review

Elkadi, H. and Al Maiyah S. (2012) Study on the Visual Performance of a Traditional Residential Neighborhood in Old Cairo, International Journal of Urban Technology, Routledge, DOI:10.1080/10630732.2011.649913

Leao, Simone and Elkadi, Hisham (2012) The use of public transport in coastal Australia : modes of travel to work and greenhouse emissions, Advanced materials research, vol. 347-353, pp. 4034-4044, Trans Tech Publications, Stafa-Zurich, Switzerland

Leao, S. and Elkadi, H. (2011) Carbon geography: mapping CO2 emission from commuting in regional Australia, Journal of Geographical Information Science

Kenawy, I. and Elkadi, H. (2011) Diversity and Thermal Comfort in Outdoor Places, The International Journal of Diversity, Issue 1. Vol. 11, pp. 237-248, Illinois, USA

Yang, J., Zou, X.W., Elkadi, H. and Shen, Q.P. Stakeholder Analysis in Urban Development Projects: Empiricism or Rationalism?, Urban Studies, under review.

Xu, L. & Elkadi, H. (2011) Using peoplemap strategy to elicit and broadcast sense of place. Paper prepared for International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

Tucker, Richard and Elkadi, Hisham (2011) Teaching in practice : work integrated design learning and practice readiness for architecture students, in Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference of the Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia, Deakin University, School of Architecture & Building, Geelong, Vic., pp. 341-354

Elkadi, H. and Al Maiyah S. and Cook, M. (2011) Visual performance of a vernacular dwelling, Built and Natural Environment Research Papers, Volume 4, No. 1, pages 1–148, Northumbria, UK.