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Psychometric Tests

Students and graduates are often asked to take psychometric tests as part of the selection and recruitment procedure. These tests can include numeracy tests, literacy tests and verbal reasoning tests. The following resources may help you prepare.

Careers and Employability Resources 

Salford University has established a partnership with Graduates First for practice aptitude tests.

  • 7 verbal reasoning tests
  • 7 numerical reasoning tests
  • 7 logical reasoning tests
  • A work style personality questionnaire
  • Interview Question Identifier tool
  • Situational judgement test
  • Assessment centre exercises

Graduates First offer a variety of psychometric tests and other job assessment preparation solutions for students including detailed step-by-step guides to over 100 top graduate employer's recruitment stages and hints on how to pass their assessment process.

Register using your university email address at: Salford University free aptitude tests from Graduates First to take the above free tests & tools.

Useful Books 

The following books are available in the University Library

  • How to Master Personality Questionnaires by Mark Parkinson - Includes information on what “personality” is and how it is measured, why personality questionnaires are used, why different jobs require different personalities, what employers do with results and what questionnaires look like.
  • How to Pass Graduate Psychometric Tests by Mike Bryon - Includes 550 practice questions, 10 full length tests, glossary of essential terms in English usage, glossary of key mathematical terms and methods, study tips and winning test strategies, answers, explanations and interpretations of your scores.
  • How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests by Heidi Smith - Includes an overview of basics, a step-by-step guide to key skills including fractions and decimals; rates; percentages; ratios and proportions. Includes useful tips to help you understand and answer questions without a calculator.
  • How to Pass Verbal Reasoning Tests by Harry Tolley - Helps you prepare for tests with practice questions (including answers) on areas such as: missing words; word links; word swap; hidden sentences; sentence sequence; text comprehension; verbal logical reasoning.
  • The Numeracy Test Workbook by Mike Bryon - Includes real-life tests and offers to help speeding up basic numeracy skills, as well as practice questions based on number problems; number sequencing and data interpretation.
  • Passing Psychometric Tests by Andrea Shavick - Includes 35 different practice tests, with 265 questions covering verbal, numerical, abstract and spatial reasoning; mechanical comprehension; fault diagnosis; acuteness and personality. Also available as an e-book to read outside the library. Check the University Library catalogue.
  • Professional Level Psychometric Tests by Sam Al-Jajjoka - Provides practice exercises that are relevant to those facing tests used in IT, management and finance recruitment. Contains 16 timed tests with over 500 questions (with answers supplied).

The following books are occupation specific.

  • How to Pass theCivil Service Qualifying Tests by Mike Byron - This book aims to help those who want to work in the UK Civil Service. The book is aimed at both administrative staff and Fast Stream applicants. It contains over 450 practice questions, over 100 tips and insights, 7 practice tests and answers to all the questions.
  • How to Pass the Firefighter Selection Process by Mike Byron - There are nearly 60,000 applications for the Fire Service each year, with 40 applicants per place. This book can help with the application form, written test, interview, team exercises and physical tests.
  • How to Pass the New Police Selection System by Harry Tolley - This book aims to help those applying to the police force in England and Wales. It contains information and assistance with the entry requirements and competencies, application form, the assessment centre, preparing for psychometric tests, sample numerical reasoning tests, sample verbal logical reasoning tests, role-play exercises, written exercises, interviews and the job-related fitness test.

Useful Websites

  • Preparing for Assessment Centres & Psychometric Tests - Download our Career know-How guide which offers further advice on how to prepare.
  • Assessment Day - This website is run by a student who took several tests around the UK. It has both free and paid-for tests in both verbal and numerical reasoning. There is also a long list of interview questions for both formal and technical interviews, and a discussion forum.
  • BBC Science and Nature - The BBC’s website has a large range of personality tests which reflect (but are not the same as) lengthier tests taken at Assessment Centres. Two examples are a 10-minute test which divides personalities into 16 types, and a 15-minute test which is based on a five-factor model of classifying personality traits.
  • - ETS is a non-profit organisation based in the USA that offers information on a large range of professional tests, including articles on fees, test content and Frequently Asked Questions. For some, they also provide a selection of sample questions. The organisation is also used by some American universities to develop personalised tests for their application processes.
  • Get Feedback - Get Feedback is an online recruitment agency who offer services to both employers – as an agency – and students, as a portal to see what employers are looking for. They have a lot of information on the 3 main types of psychometric testing, as well as articles on online aptitude tests.
  • GMAC - GMAC is the Graduate Management Admission Council. They produce the GMAT, a psychometric test aimed specifically at business students and for business schools. It is used in over 155 countries across the world. When schools sign up, they also become eligible to take part in and receive the results of the VSS survey, which compiles the results of the GMAT from across the world and helps schools place themselves in a comparative list with others.
  • Graduate Prospects - The Prospects website has a section on aptitude tests and psychometric testing which gives a list of links directing students to free tests, as well as explaining what they are designed to do.
  • IQ Test Labs - The IQ Test Lab offers a PhD certified IQ test, which tests your ability in 9 different areas. The test is free to take online, and you receive a comprehensive 25 page report with analysis about your results after completion. This includes statistics which compare your own results against others who have taken the test beforehand.
  • Job Test Prep - This website is packed with useful information on preparing for, and taking, psychometric tests. The site includes aptitude test preparation, personality test preparation, group exercise preparation and job interview preparation.
  • Kenexa - This company is based in the UK and offers 2 different types of test. The 2 categories are “specific job role” tests and “general purpose” tests. The specific tests are based on job analysis and are orientated around the needs of that job role; the general purpose tests are typically based on a theoretical model of personality or skills.
  • Monster - Monster is an international job vacancy database, and the website has an in-depth section on ability testing and career management tools. The ability section includes testing on verbal evaluation and interpreting numerical data, where the tests can be taken for free and feedback is given for free. The career management tools questionnaires offer a free mini report, with the opportunity to buy an in-depth report for £9.99.
  • Norton Assessment - Offer Numerical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning Tests, these are completely free and provide exposure to commercial psychometric testing.
  • Practice Aptitude Tests - a large number of free tests that have been developed with chartered occupational psychologists.
  • Psychometric Tests - This site is aimed at providing job seekers with the practice material they need to pass psychometric job selection tests. It has over 100 pages of information on psychometric and aptitude tests, free downloadable practice tests and a free eBook which gives expert advice on how to approach aptitude tests.
  • Practice Tests - Free tests in aptitude tests.
  • PWC - Psychometric Tests and Interviews
  • SHL Direct - SHL Direct is a website aimed at the individual testing themselves at ability/aptitude tests and personality questionnaires, as well as providing the opportunity to collect feedback on your responses. It is split into 5 sections, one for students, and one on career guidance, plus help on the assessments, practice and feedback.
  • Skillsarena also offers a selection of free practice tests which students and graduates can take to test their skills on. 
  • Team Technology - Team Technology is a website that has a wide range of articles and resources on business, leadership and management, as well as information on the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) personality test with an online questionnaire. They also offer an in-depth online version of the MMDI (Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator) personality questionnaire.
  • Testing Direct - This website has a registration fee currently of £12.50. It has 3 available tests made up of Personality, Motivation and Interests. They match your personality to appropriate job types, help you work on a Career Development Action Plan, and they aim to enhance job satisfaction and efficiency. The test is 15 minutes long, and there are 21 pages of comprehensive feedback available online, immediately after the test has been taken.
  • WikiJob - has an active forum, a jobs board for graduate schemes, lots of articles on interview questions and assessment centres and also provides practice psychometric tests. They offer a free numerical reasoning test and verbal reasoning test for you to try out.