Psychometric tests and assessment centres

Psychometric tests

Many graduate employers utilise psychometric testing and assessment centres to assess your personality, skills, and knowledge. It's a crucial step to determine your fit for the role and organisation.

Test types:

  • Personality tests: Evaluate your individual traits and how you'd respond in different scenarios, gauging your suitability for the organisation.

  • Aptitude tests: Assess your skills, reactions, and performance to showcase your capabilities.

Visit Prospects Psychometric Testing to learn more about the tests you may encounter, and remember, practice is key to sharpening your skills.

Our partnership with Graduates First offers a range of practice aptitude tests. These include:

  • verbal reasoning
  • numerical reasoning
  • logical reasoning
  • work style assessment
  • interview question identifier
  • situational judgment test
  • assessment centre exercises.

Get the Edge: Graduates First provides comprehensive psychometric tests and job assessment preparation solutions. Gain access to step-by-step guides to over 100 top graduate employer's recruitment stages and valuable tips to ace their assessment process.

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Assessment centres

Assessment Centres involve engaging activities in small groups of 6-8 candidates. These can include group discussions, written tests, role play, in-tray exercises, and presentations. It's all designed to assess your suitability for the job. Be ready for a few hours or a full-day session. 

Employers aim to find the best candidate for their role. They evaluate you based on desired competencies, skills, and qualities essential to the job. 

Preparation is key: 

  • Read invite communications thoroughly to understand the schedule and expectations. 
  • Familiarise yourself with the job description and person specification to identify the sought-after competencies. 
  • Research the company, its competitors, and strategic aspects to impress with your knowledge. 
  • If unsure about the activities, reach out to the recruiter for clarification. 
  • Practice, practice, practice! 

On the day: 

  • Focus on demonstrating the desired competencies rather than outcompeting other candidates. 
  • Plan your team approach, providing a structured framework for your tasks. 
  • Respect time frames and stay focused on the assigned task. 
  • Be a good listener, encourage others to contribute, and avoid dominating the discussion. 
  • Actively participate, ensuring your opinions and ideas are heard. 

Gain a competitive edge: Read our guide on Preparing for an Assessment Centre to kick-start your success on the day. 

For more information on assessment centres, visit Prospects: Assessment Centres.

Further support

Discover valuable tips and preparation resources by watching our Psychometric Testing in Recruitment and Selection Linked In Learning Pathway.

Find out all you need to know about assessment centres, including assessment activities and performance strategies, in our Assessment Centres Linked In Learning Pathway.


Recommended books - available in the Library

  • How to Pass Graduate Psychometric Tests, by Mike Bryon
  • How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests, by Heidi Smith
  • How to Pass Verbal Reasoning Tests, by Harry Tolley
  • The Numeracy Test Workbook, by Mike Bryon
  • Professional Level Psychometric Tests, by Sam Al-Jajjoka

Useful websites

  • Assessment Day - Run by a student who has taken several tests in the UK. Free and paid tests, interview questions, and discussion forum.
  • Graduate Prospects - Aptitude tests, free psychometric testing plus explanations.
  • SHL Direct - Self-testing for abilities and personality, feedback included. It is split into 5 sections, (students, career guidance, assessments, practice, and feedback).
  • Practice Aptitude Tests - Free tests designed by occupational psychologists.
  • WikiJob - Forum, graduate schemes, interview questions, practice psychometric tests such as numerical reasoning test and verbal reasoning test.
  • IQ Test Labs - PhD-certified IQ test with comprehensive analysis, which tests your ability in nine different areas. The test is free to take online, and you receive a comprehensive 25-page report with analysis of your results after completion.
  • Job Test Prep - Preparation for aptitude tests, personality tests, and interviews.
  • Practice Reasoning Tests - Free aptitude tests and practice materials.
  • Psychometric Tests - Practice material and expert advice on aptitude tests. It has over 100 pages of information on psychometric and aptitude tests, free downloadable practice tests and a free eBook which gives expert advice.
  • PWC - Psychometric tests and interview resources.
  • Team Technology - Articles, resources on business and leadership, MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) personality test and online questionnaire. They also offer an in-depth online version of the MMDI (Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator) personality questionnaire.

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