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School of Arts and Media

Dr Dan Lomas

Lecturer in International History


I have been a Lecturer in International History at the University of Salford since January 2014. Before this I completed my AHRC funded doctoral research on intelligence and security during the post-war Attlee government, 1945-1951. My research looks at the post-war interface between intelligence, security and policy in Britain.

My book Intelligence, Security and the Attlee Governments, 1945 - 1951 is available from Manchester University Press and was shortlisted for the Royal Historical Society's Whitfield Prize for first academic monograph. I have also published in the Journal of Intelligence History, Intelligence and National Security, The Historical Journal, The Journal of Imperial & Commonwealth History and The International History Review. Beyond academic publishing, I have contributed to The Conversation UK, BBC History Magazine, The New Statesman, History Today, as well as discussions on BBC 5 Live, ITV Granada, BBC Radio Scotland, Channel 5 News, and other media outlets.

I am programme leader for Salford’s part-time Distance Learning MA in Intelligence & Security Studies, and the Admissions Lead for all politics and history-related undergraduate programmes at the University.

I am willing to supervise dissertations on a range of topics including Britain and the Cold War, British intelligence and security, and contemporary intelligence and security issues. Recent subjects include British policy towards the Soviet Union, 1945-1949, the impact of the Suez crisis on British decolonisation, the development of British counter-insurgency in Malaya and Kenya, and post-war strategic deception.

In September 2019 I was awarded the Vice Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award for ‘outstanding’ student learning support and innovative teaching pedagogy. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy having obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice.


Modules Convened:

  • Intelligence and Conflict: British Intelligence at War (MAISS and MAISS-DL)
  • The Secret State: Domestic Security in Britain, 1883-present (MAISS and MAISS-DL)
  • Britain and the Cold War (Level 5)
  • International History, 1789-1914 (Level 5).
  • Introduction to Intelligence, Security & Terrorism Studies (Level 4)
  • International History I, 1889-1945 (Level 4).  
  • International History II, 1945-2001 (Level 4).


Modules Contributed to:  

  • Issues in Intelligence (MAISS and MAISS-DL)
  • Intelligence, Security and Politics in Britain (L5)

Research Interests

Intelligence, security, diplomacy, defence, politics

Qualifications and Memberships

PhD Clement Attlee, the Labour Governments and Britain’s Intelligence Community, 1945-1951 (from University of Salford).

Funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council.

MA. Intelligence & Security Studies (from The University of Salford).


BA. (Hons) Contemporary Military and International History (from University of Salford).

First Class

PgCAP Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (from University of Salford) – 2015



Lomas, D 2019, Intelligence and Espionage: Secrets and Spies (Seminar Studies in History) (with Dr. Christopher J. Murphy), Routledge, Oxon, UK. (link)


Lomas, D 2016, Intelligence, Security and the Attlee Governments, 1945 - 1951 - An uneasy relationship?, Manchester University Press, Manchester, UK. (link)


Refereed Journal Articles

Lomas, D & Ward, S & McLoughlin, L 2020, '"Hello, world": GCHQ, Twitter and social media engagement', Intelligence and National Security.


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Other Journal Articles

Lomas, D 2018, 'The drugs don't work: intelligence, torture and the London Cage, 1940-1948', Intelligence and National Security , 33(6), pp.918-929. (link)


Book Sections

Lomas, D 2020 'Homosexuality and Security in the British Foreign Office: An Outline History, 1945-1991 ', in: Into the Wilderness of Mirrors: The Five Eyes and Counter Intelligence in the Cold War , University of Toronto Press, Toronto , Canada .

Lomas, D 2013 'A Tale of Torture? Alexander Scotland, The London Cage, and Post-War British Secrecy', in: Moran, C & Murphy, C (eds.), Intelligence Studies in Britain and the US: Historiography Since 1945 , Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh , United Kingdom, pp.251-262.


Magazine Articles


Lomas, D 2019 'Beyond Bletchley: GCHQ and British Intelligence', in: History Today, 69(11), November 2019. (link)


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Newspaper Articles

Parveen, N & Lomas, D 2018, 'MI5 believed black people posed security risk, papers reveal ', in: The Guardian, 15/10/2018.


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