Skills support and information for students studying on apprenticeship programmes.

Outline of support for apprentices

Digital Skills

Learn about the key IT services and resources to support your studies; how to access online trainingtrainer-led webinars, and add IT qualifications to your CV with our Microsoft Office Specialist certification programme.

Maths Support

Teacher and student look at computer screen

Access resources covering a wide range of maths support, attend maths works and book a 1-1 appointment if you need more specialist help.

bksb Learning Resources

The bksb Learning Resources help you revise and improve your Functional Skills in English and maths. These resources are for apprentices use only.

Feedback on your academic writing


  • Smarthinking is an online writing feedback service provided by Pearson Education. You can submit writing extracts or drafts to Smarthinking tutors and receive feedback on your writing in areas such as structure and grammar within 24 hours. You will be allocated up to two hours of feedback time which means you can submit around four short pieces or two to three longer written pieces for feedback.
  • Access Smarthinking

    For level 3 and 4 students (foundation year and first year undergraduate), the Smarthinking module has already been added to your Blackboard site.

    For all other students, use this form to enrol on our dedicated Blackboard space. You will see additional guidance on the Blackboard site and a portal labelled 'use Smarthinking' which you need to click on to access the service.

  • Please note the Smarthinking tutors will not be able to provide support with subject specific questions and will not be familiar with your modules or assignments so you will need to submit your question and/or the brief you are working from, alongside your work. Smarthinking offers feedback and suggestions on how to improve your writing however Smarthinking is not a proof-reading service.