Maths and numeracy

Numeracy Support can provide help and guidance with the fundamental maths and numeracy skills relevant to your course and vocational area.

Maths and numeracy skills are relevant to many subject areas at the university, not just maths and science courses. For example:

  • Nursing students are required to use formulae and complete calculations for drug doses.
  • Business students may have to interpret data, perform calculations, and assess or present financial information in reports.
  • Policing and public health students may need to interpret and utilise different sources of data and statistics.

Numeracy skills are also relevant to most careers and are highly valued by employers. Graduate-level employment can include numerical reasoning assessments as part of the recruitment process, and certain professions require the completion of numerical assessments before achieving professional qualification.

It may be some time since you studied maths in a formal context, and these skills can diminish if not utilised. Numeracy Support can help you to refresh and develop the skills required for your current course.

You can access support in different ways. Various workshops, webinars and 1:1 appointments are available on campus and online via MS Teams. There are links to general online resources below, and assistance can be provided with sourcing relevant resources for specific topics or subject areas. See below for further details.

Numeracy workshops

The current workshops available are listed below. These are updated regularly, and if you have any suggestions for potential workshops, please email these to

  • Graduate Numerical Reasoning Tests [online]

    Starts: 22 Aug 2024, 1:30 pm
    Finishes: 22 Aug 2024, 3:30 pm
    Remaining places: 40
    This session looks at the types of questions that occur on graduate numerical reasoning tests and problem-solving strategies. This session is suitable for any student that may be required to complete a numercial reasoning test as part of a job application process. This will delivered online.

1-1 Appointments

Student having a conversation with an advisor

If you need direct support from a tutor, there are 1-1 sessions available in-person on campus or online via MS Teams. These are currently scheduled on Mondays between 13:30-16:30 and Wednesdays from 13:30-16:30. Each appointment is approximately 50 mins. These appointments can be booked through Advantage, where you will be asked to provide further details of your enquiry. 1-1 support may also be available at other times, please email  to arrange a convenient time.

(Please note, we can’t provide direct help on assessed course work but can assist with similar example questions).

Online Resources

There is a wide range of general maths support available online whether you need a quick answer to a specific question or require a deeper understanding of a topic.

(This section contains links to external websites. Although we make every effort to ensure these links are accurate, up to date and relevant, The Library cannot take responsibility for pages maintained by external providers.) 

Online Resources


Online Courses

The Open University provides freely available courses via its Open Learn platform. These courses provide a more extensive foundation in each topic and often provide a digital certificate of completion:

1. Maths Help

This Is a series of short courses relating to various maths topics that can be completed separately. Each course requires approximately 5 hours study time:

2. Everyday Maths

These two longer courses cover everyday numeracy topics:

3. Jumpstart University

A collaboration between the Open University and the Russell Group that offers a collection of longer courses that aim to assist students starting university. There are four maths related programmes:

Library Resources

The Library has collected together maths and numeracy resources to help you develop your skills and knowledge in a variety of areas. This reading list contains links to a range of useful textbooks, videos and websites that help you to develop your maths and numeracy skills. This list contains suggested resources by subject area:

  • General maths and numeracy
  • Statistics
  • Biology
  • Biomedical Science
  • Business and Management
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Construction and Built Environment
  • Engineering
  • Geography and Environment
  • Nursing
  • Physics

If you have anything you'd like to add to this list that you think others may find helpful, please let us know at:

LinkedIn Learning

As a student at the University, you also have access to the LinkedIn range of online courses here LinkedIn Learning (you will need your University email address and password). There is a wide range of courses including everyday maths, statistics and maths in professional contexts. For example:

  • Learning Everyday Math
  • Business Maths
  • Finance Foundations
  • Finance and Accounting Skills
  • Becoming an Economist
  • Essential New Skills in Finance
Sign up and get started (you will need your University email address and password).