Ready to lay the foundations for a career in the fashion world?

When you study a fashion course with us, you’ll call the £55 million New Adelphi building your home. It’s where you’ll find industry-standard facilities and teams of experienced and dedicated tutors and technicians on hand to help you hone your skills and develop your creativity.

You’ll be able to specialise in the areas that interest you, undertake live briefs and real-world assignments, and at the end of it all you’ll graduate with a portfolio of work and the confidence you’ll need to make an impact from day one of your new career.

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Undergraduate courses

Spend three years exploring the areas of fashion that interest you most. You'll gain an understanding of the general skills you'll need, and as you progress you'll get the chance to shape your degree how you want to.

Foundation Year

These four-year courses give you a general grounding in the area before you move on to specialise in your chosen subject.

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Postgraduate Courses

These courses will allow you to build on your undergraduate and work experiences so far, to further develop your skills and job prospects in a specific area. 


Have a question? Read our helpful our Fashion degree FAQs

Do I need to prepare a fashion portfolio?

As part of your application, we will need to see a portfolio of your work to provide an opportunity for you to share your creative practice with us. Any offers will be conditional upon our subject team having the chance to review your portfolio.


Do your courses have their own social media channels I can follow?

Both our Fashion Design and Fashion Image Making and Styling courses have an Instagram profile.

How can I prepare for my fashion course?

Before you start the fashion degree course, we will send you a letter with recommendations on books and magazines to help you prepare for the course. In the meantime, you can read lots of fashion magazines - Dazed & Confused and Purple are good places to start - and you can also research fashion photographers and designers to find which approaches appeal to you most.

What will my timetable in first year look like?

First-year students are in four days a week. Typically the contact hours are 9.30 am-4.30 pm, although some days may be shorter. There is usually one full day free a week to enable students to participate in extra-curricular activities or work part-time.

Is this course suitable for students that commute?

Yes! There is lots of support for commuter students at Salford. We have two Commuter Hubs, designated areas on campus for commuters who want somewhere to study away from the library, make/eat their own food, or even play some Xbox games! Alongside that, we have excellent transport links - there is reasonable parking on campus, a train station next to Peel Park Campus, and buses running every few minutes into Manchester and going into Greater Manchester.


Fancy learning your craft using the same type of equipment you’ll use when you’re working? Study with us, and you’ll become confident and comfortable with industry-standard kits and facilities. You won’t just be left to work it out on your own – our experienced tutors and technicians will show you how to master everything we have on offer.

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Why study at Salford?


Our focus is to ensure that you have the skills you need to pursue your dreams and we encourage our students, past and present, to collaborate with each other and achieve great things.


Our fashion degrees prepare you for the working world - from fashion designers and make-up artists who present at New York and London Fashion Weeks to buyers and designers for multimillion-pound brands.


We're proud of all the equipment we have, but we know that it can be daunting if you're unfamiliar with what's on offer. No matter what level of experience you start with, our team of tutors and technicians are here to support and guide you.