Dr. Violet Justine Mtonga

Salford Business School

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Contact Details

Maxwell Building – Room 607

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Current positions

Lecturer in International Marketing


Dr Violet Justine Mtonga teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels within the Salford University Business School. She holds an active interest in the role of relationship marketing within the retail sector, focusing on studying the issue of gambling and gamification, and shedding light on how online and offline social gaming impacts young and vulnerable populations. Her research interests also lie especially in exploring the generation of prosumers and how sociocultural dynamics and emerging disruptive technologies drive the consumption cycle. She is particularly interested in the nuances of consumer psychology, examining how supply chain activities, ethics, and legislation can have the potential and capability to influence and impact on individual decision making (especially in relation to risk), mental health, and societal wellbeing. 

Violet is a former banker. She has a wealth of knowledge and progressive experience in commercial banking operations including account and portfolio development, relationship building, retention and management, loans, credit, mortgage assessment and lending, risk management.

Areas of research

The issue of gambling and gamification

Areas of supervision

Marketing, Business Management, Online & Offline Consumer Behaviour


  • Digital Marketing Analytics & Strategy
  • International Relationship Management
  • International Business in Practice
  • Online & Offline Consumer Behaviour
  • Brand Management
  • Contemporary Issues in International Marketing

Research Interests

  • Customer relationship management strategies
  • Gambling and gamification
  • Emerging disruptive technologies

Qualifications and Memberships


  • PhD


  • FHEA
  • CDMP

Postgraduate Research

Currently supervising students in the role of relationship marketing within the retail sector, focusing on the issue of gambling and gamification domain. I welcome new PhD students in the general domains customer relationship management strategies, gambling and gamification, and emerging disruptive technologies.