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Tom Laws is a men’s health researcher. Funded research produced publications supporting men with prostate cancer. He has authored several men’s health books. His PhD explored men’s contribution to child health within dual income families. These activates have brought three PhDs to completion. Recently, Tom’s Midwifery experience forged a better understanding of violence in pregnancy; viewing current approaches as inept for addressing the essential problem - men’s need for support to modify an ideation to violence. Explorative work has been published (Laws and Keeling, 2018; Laws 2018). Senior lecturer experience have supported published evaluations of educational practices in HE.

Areas of research

Fatherhood, Families, Health Care, Violence, Pregnancy


Scholarship in education (seeking evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning in HE)

  • Curriculum development and assessment (Conferenced and published in these areas)
  • Student assessment – engaging students in designing assessments
  • Reflection as a means of learning (linking to NMC regulator requirements)
  • Virtual classrooms – cost effective (Conferenced and published in these areas)
  • Simulated population health As a Senior Lecturer I was Lead in courses of 550-600 students for these modules…
  • Population health Foundations of research Determinants of Health My UK experience includes a role as Lead Lecturer for …
  • Evidence based Practice: level 7 Master in Nursing (Keele University, 2016-17) Clinical Effectiveness (Keele University, 2016-17)
  • Master in Nursing (Keele University, 2016-17) Master in Nursing (UOS 2018)

Research Interests

Intimate partner violence is a major public health issue without a coherent evidence based approach. My publications on fatherhood and men’s health provide a basis for exploring violence in pregnancy. Few researchers scope the literature to evaluate ways in which perpetrator, victim and children are assisted within existing health frameworks (Primary care, secondary care and population health).

My research interests; i) provide critical analysis of screening for violence approach ii) provide critical analysis of perpetrator management/support iii) develop a tool for identifying at-risk families at pregnancy, in order to develop educational and supportive resources for couples (Laws 7 Keeling, 2018)

Postgraduate Research
  • Content expert- men's health, family health, clinical practice (Nurse / Midwife)
  • Context expert- primary health, secondary health care population health
  • Method expert - mixed method approach (questionnaire design, survey, in-depth interview, focus group).
  • Educational research (funded study and publications)
  • Track-record; Three PhD by published works, ten masters students (three publication

Qualifications and Memberships


  • PhD (Community Medicine)
  • HE degree Education
  • HE degree Population Health
  • Bach Economics


  • Reg. Nse
  • Reg. Midwife.