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Current positions

Lecturer in Architecture


Sara’s research focus on the potential of Data in developing Smart Urban Futures that integrate the urban and rural socio-economic and physical infrastructures to support communities, stakeholders and decision makers through disaster risk reduction scenarios creation. Recent projects explore the potential of community engagement, the environment, the economy and technology (sociotechnical urbanism) in support of deprived communities around waterways in Europe and overseas. 
She is an associate with the THINKLab, current projects include ESRC, i) Co-Pi, Technology Enhanced Stakeholder Collaboration for Supporting Risk-Sensitive Sustainable Urban Development TRANSCEND (transcend-project.org.uk, ES/T003219/1) and ii) Co-Network for Building Multi-Institutional Collaboration for Creating Resilient Environments and Communities against Climate Change (Unite4Resilience, ES/V003011/1), exploring the potential of community engagement, the environment, the economy and technology in support of deprived communities in Europe and Asian countries. 
She is a member of the Smart Urban Futures (SURF) UoS research group. The Group has attracted external funds exceeding £2M in the last two years. The research group works on The Future of Cities and provides models for urban futures in areas such as Smart Urban Ecology, Health and Well-being, and the future of Blue and Green Infrastructures in Cities. 
Sara is a Lecturer in Architecture at School of Science, Engineering and Environment (SEE), UoS and Chair of the Women’s Voice Network. She has twenty years of experience as an architect and urban planner (RIBA, ARB) specialised in production and coordination of information and data visualization. She is also a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) courses validation panel, Athena Swan Charter panelist and member of WiA-Women in Architecture. In addition, she is a Guest Professor at ISCTE IUL - University of Lisbon, Portugal, Department of Architecture and Urbanism, M.Arch on Smart Ecological Urban Green and Blue Corridors.


  • BSc Architecture course Modules
  • BSc Architectural Technology Modules.
  • Supervision of MSc. Student’s dissertations in Construction.
  • Guest Lecture MSc. BIM & Integrated Design, BIM Theory and Practice

Research Interests

  • Classification Information Systems
  • Standards and Protocols for representing, exchange and manage information within the construction industry
  • BIM, Building Information Modeling
  • Collaborative work
  • Theory and Practice in Studio Teaching

Qualifications and Memberships


  • PhD in Construction & Property Management,  University of Salford, UK
  • BSc Honors in Architecture - Lusíada University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Educational Training for Trainers (Training certified by IEFP )
  • European Educational Training Certification (CCP).
  • ArchiCAD v.6 Course
  • ArchiCAD proficiency and certificate by the OA (Ordem dos Arquitectos-Portuguese Architects Order)
  • Training of youth workers and leaders- ACM/YMCA-
  • ACM/YMCA certificate


  • Member of the Portuguese OA (Ordem dos Arquitectos) number 11166


See Sara Biscaya's publications

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