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Current positions

Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics


I joined Salford University as Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics in March 2016 and have introduced new research themes in CFD, nanofluid dynamics, multiphysical electromagnetic flows, rocket propulsion, coating simulation, solar nanotechnology, biomedical fluid dynamics, supercritical thermodynamics and thermo-elasticity. Earlier in my career I developed and delivered the MEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering degree at Sheffield Hallam University (2007-2012) and  led research in theoretical biofluid mechanics and computational rocket heat transfer. I taught aerodynamics, thermofluids, energy systems, railway fluid mechanics, propulsion, heat transfer, aero-structures and solid mechanics. I have collaborated with international research groups in the USA, Malaysia, Holland, France, Canada, Pakistan, India and Algeria. My research work/supervision has resulted in 3 recent awards: in 2017 (RAEs Teddy Fielding Prize, awarded to my BEng (Hons) aeronautical student Betty Islam for her final year project on aircraft wing water ingress simulation, based on a Lufthansa Malta placement secured by Mr. Ali Kadir which led to a journal publication in Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering in May 2019), in 2018 (Vice Chancellor Award for Research Excellence for my sustained output in leading high impact factor international journals and integration of new research themes into the engineering curriculum) and in 2019 (Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship for Aerospace Research, awarded to my PhD student, S. Kuharat). I have been ranked as “internationally excellent” in the Internal Peer Review Process (March 2019). In May 2017 I was appointed to the editorial board of Journal of Nanofluids – the only journal in the world which focuses specifically on this key area of engineering science- in recognition of sustained contributions in nanofluid simulation in inter-disciplinary areas including medicine, energy and aerospace. I have been UK editor for the Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology (Singapore/USA) since 2010 and have coordinated many contributions in the areas of biological heat and mass transfer. I have developed new pathways for high-temperature corrosion simulation with Mr. Ali Kadir, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. I have chaired special themes at international conferences including most recently at the 20th Int. Conf. Heat Transfer/Fluid Mechanics, Istanbul, Turkey, August (2018) where I also presented multiple works. I have co-edited a special volume, Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences (2016) which attracted dozens of international contributions. I have also published 4 invited book chapters on state-of-the-art techniques including computational bio-nano-fluid dynamics (Computational Approaches in Biomedical Nano-Engineering, Wiley, USA, 2019) and multi-physical electro-magnetic propulsion fluid dynamics (Mathematical Modelling: Methods, Applications & Research, Nova Science, New York, 2018). Much of my work has appeared in the leading journals in their respective fields with high impact factors. At Salford University I have mobilized a new thrust in nanotechnology and have combined biology, energy sciences, computational methods and nanoscience to design multiple MSc projects, 2 new PhD projects (in solar and corrosion protection) and new collaborations with engineering faculty. I have embraced a strongly inter-disciplinary approach in my work which is in line with the ethos of the new unified School of Science, Engineering and Environment. My book “Giants of Engineering Science” (2003) which was translated into Chinese in 2008, has also been mentioned on the profile of Professor K.J. Bathe of MIT, a world authority in computational mechanics (ürgen_Bathe). My work has received 44,000 thousand reads on Researchgate ( ), and is rated 41.14 which is in the top 5% of all members of this international database. I have developed many new areas of integrated multi-physical modelling including electro-kinetic nanofluid dynamics, which has been recognized, for example, with my work being published in the Harvard Medical School journal, Microvascular Research.

Areas of research

Thermophysics, CFD, Biofluids, Magneto-Nanofluids, Astronautics


My teaching focus is in the delivery of fluid mechanics modules to undergraduate mechanical and petroleum engineers (level 4, 5,6), CFD to MSc (level 7) aerospace/aeronautical/mechanical engineering students and aerofluid mechanics (level 4 to ATPS/Aircraft Engineering students. At Salford I supervise projects in rocket propulsion, electromagnetics, aero-acoustic simulation, MAGLEV, renewable energy, ocean hydrodynamics, aero-thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and fuel cell technology. In 2007 I was runner up for the Lloyds TSB Jewels teaching Awards for my work in fire dynamics lecturing. In 2012 I won the SHU Inspirational Teaching Award at Sheffield Hallam University for excellence in rocket propulsion and aerodynamics lectures and also gave many master lectures on biomimetic aerodynamics and nano-robotic propulsion.

Research Interests

My research focus covers five major areas- nanofluid dynamics (solar collectors, CFD modelling, aerospace coating, corrosion protection and medical applications), biological fluid mechanics (peristalsis, tissue thermal conduction, disease simulation, pharmaco-dynamics, bio-tribological squeeze films, bacterial propulsion, electro-kinetic microfluidics and bioconvection fuel cells), non-Newtonian flows (bubbly flows, coating, swirling, enrobing and porous media, viscoelastic, viscoplastic and Eringen micro-continuum models), convective heat transfer (supercritical thermodynamics, second law analysis, energy optimization, thermosolutal flows, Marangoni flows),  and multi-physics (rocket thermo-elasticity, electromagnetic propulsion, ion drag pumps, ocean Hall generators, numerical methods, spectral and homotopy simulation, SPH, CFD)I have edited special volumes on medical and nanoscale fluid dynamics including the IMECHE Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems special volume on “Mathematical and Numerical Modelling in Nanofluid Dynamics (2012)”. I also regularly review for some leading journals in the areas in which I am engaged including Int. J. Thermal Sciences, IMECHE J Aerospace Engineering, IMECHE J. Engineering in Medicine, J. Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Aerospace Science and Technology, Clinical Biomechanics and Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. I would welcome supervising either MSc or PhD students in mathematical modelling of renewable energy fluid dynamics, biomedical flows, nano-mechanics, coating simulations heat and/or mass transfer. Examples of areas of interest can be obtained from the articles listed below.

Qualifications and Memberships


  • BEng (Hons)  
  • PhD (Manchester)
  • PGCAP FHEA (Salford) SMAIAA 
  • MSES 
  • MIAFireSS