Dr. Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

Salford Business School

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Contact Details

Maxwell Building - Room 305

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Current positions

Lecturer in Economics, Salford Business School

I completed my four-year undergraduate degree and a one-year postgraduate degree in economics in 2004 and 2005, respectively, from Dhaka University, Bangladesh. I then did economic research and consultancies in the Bureau of Economic Research, Dhaka University, Bangladesh, for three years. That gave me good initial exposure to econometric analyses dealing with several survey and time-series data, which motivated me to go to the University of Manchester, UK, for doing MSc in Economics & Econometrics (2009) and PhD in economics (2014).

In 2013-2014, I did my first post-doc job in environmental economics in the Division of Economics, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. I then moved to Bangladesh and did research and consultancy (2014-2016) with the ministry of planning, Bangladesh, where I contributed to its seven five-year plan. After that, I came back to the UK with a post-doc job in health economics at the University of Portsmouth (2016-2021), where I did health economics research. 

My primary research interest lies in program/policy evaluation using quasi-experimental methods. I have published articles in several international journals, including the World Journal of Psychiatry, World Economics & Human Biology, Journal of International Development, and Energy Journal. Please visit my google scholar page, https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=KuDWxMMAAAAJ&hl=en, to know more about my research.

I welcome PhD students.

Areas of research

Program/policy evaluation using quasi-experimental methods

Areas of supervision

Applied Econometrics, Quantitative Finance, Fintech


  • Econometric Analysis
  • FinTech Data Analytics

Research Interests

  • Program Evaluation
  • Macro-modeling
  • Forecasting and Volatility

Qualifications and Memberships


  • PhD in Economics


  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy

Postgraduate Research

I have supervised students in the areas of Program Evaluation, Macro-modeling, Forecasting and Volatility. I am teaching Applied Econometrics, Quantitative Finance and Fintech. I would be interested in supervising future doctoral students in these areas.