Dr. Mariana Lima

School of Science, Engineering and Environment

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Current positions

Teaching Fellow in Marine Conservation


I have a Marine Biology degree, and a MSc in Freshwater Biology and Inland Fisheries from INPA, a Brazilian research institute in the Amazon, and a PhD on the impacts of climate change in seagrass ecosystem’s carbon storage potential awarded by the University of Brighton. I had a five-year gap in my academic life, between finishing my masters and starting my PhD, where I worked as an environmental consultant for a large heavy industry company, assessing environmental impacts of building new harbours and ports in marine environments. Currently working as a post-doc and part time lecturer in Environmental Geography at the university of Brighton and a part-time teaching fellow in Marine Conservation at the University of Salford.

Areas of research

Biogeochemistry of seagrass meadows and coastal wetlands applied to marine conservation and ecosystem services.


Teaching within the Marine Biology Course, mainly:

-    Marine Management – Level 6
-    Marine Biotechnology – Level 6
-    Fisheries Sciences – Level 6
-    Ocean Challenges – Level 5
-    Introduction to Marine Biology – Level 4
-    Study skills in Marine Biology – Level 4

Research interests

My research focuses on the ecosystem services of seagrass ecosystems and coastal wetlands, mainly blue carbon, as a promising alternative to mitigate the effects of climate change. Blue carbon is a general term sued to describe the carbon captured by seagrass meadows which can persist stored in their sediments for long periods of time, up to millennia, contributing significantly to the net removal of global atmospheric CO2. My research aims to evaluate the health status of seagrass meadows around the UK and assess their ability of action as effective carbon sinks, as well as their vulnerability to impacts of climate change and global environmental change. 

Qualifications and memberships

Fellow of HEA