Dr. Mariana Lima

School of Science, Engineering and Environment

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Contact Details

Peel Building - Room G37

Office hours: Monday - Friday 09:00-17:00



Current positions

Lecturer in Marine Biology and Programme Leader in Marine Biology


I am a Marine Biologist mainly researching the impacts of global change (climate change, pollution, anthropogenic degradation) on blue carbon coastal ecosystems, with the aim to promote marine conservation.

I also have a MSc in Freshwater Biology and Inland Fisheries from INPA, a Brazilian research institute in the Amazon, and a PhD on the impacts of climate change in seagrass ecosystem’s carbon storage potential awarded by the University of Brighton.

Additionally, I have previous industry experience working as an environmental consultant for a large heavy engineering company in Brazil, assessing environmental impacts of building new harbours and ports in marine coastal environments.]

Areas of research

Blue carbon, Seagrass, Climate change, Sea level rise, Coastal wetlands

Areas of supervision

Global change (climate change, extreme weather events, environmental pollution), Influences on coastal environments (subtidal, mangroves, salt marshes, seagrasses, coastal grasslands)


I utilise a wide variety of techniques within my teaching including lectures, group work, in class data trawling, practical lab and field-based learning to promote engaging and interactive learning environments. I incorporate cutting edge material including case studies from my own research and experience to provide a background to the topics and theories I am delivering, principally focused on coastal environments and marine conservation.

Main modules taught include Fisheries Science, Marine Management, Marine Biotechnology, Ocean Challenges, and Introduction to Marine Biology, amongst others.

Undergraduate and post graduate students are welcome to participate in current research projects, which can be linked to dissertations.]

Research interests

I have conducted research throughout the coasts of southern of England, mainly on seagrass ecosystems My current research interests span the fields of geomorphology, sediment processes and ecology within coastal environments primarily mangroves, salt marshes, coastal meadows, sea grasses and macroalgae. I specialise in sediment geochemistry including gamma spectroscopy, stable isotope analysis, granulometry, assessment of carbon storage and, sediment source tracking, as well as plant communities, and ecosystem services in coastal environments. I am interested in how sedimentary processes and carbon sequestration have been influenced by recent global environmental to see how these services are likely to be altered by future climate change.

I have links to national UK based institutions and international research groups in Estonia, Brazil, and Thailand. I also incorporate marine ecosystem services and marine conservation into my research, as an interdisciplinary approach.

Qualifications and memberships


  • Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (HEA)