Dr. Gloria Lanci

School of Science, Engineering and Environment

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Research Assistant



I am a researcher with a background in Architecture and Urban Planning with a multidisciplinary profile within the Arts and Humanities field. I have been working in cooperation with researchers in institutions in Brazil, France, Germany, and the UK. Early in my career I have engaged with studies in landscape planning (including environmental planning) and landscape architecture, developing into projects concerning urban places and spaces related to cultural tourism, urban regeneration, urban heritage and, more recently, cartography in visual arts. I combine these subjects with an interest and practice in Geographical Information Systems, which I have been applying in various research projects.

Research Interests

I have a particular interest in the intersections between the built environment and cultural aspects of urban life. 

Qualifications and Mmemberships

PhD University of Sao Paulo (Architecture and Urban Planning)
PhD University of Liverpool (Architecture and Visual Arts)
PGD University of the West of England (Geographical Information Systems)