Dr. Filippo Di Pisa

School of Science, Engineering and Environment

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Contact Details

Cockroft 203A

Office hours: 9am to 5pm

Current positions

Research Associate Fellow


Graduated at University of Genoa (Italy) in Biological Science (bachelor) and in Molecular Biology (master), I started my PhD in Biotechnologies in Translational Medicine at  Laboratory of Molecular Immunology and Oncology (Experimental Medicine Department , University of Genova, Italy) where I studied new proteins involved in cell migration and invasion of Triple Negative Breast Cancer cell lines.

During my PhD program, I visited the laboratory of Prof. Michael Lisanti and Prof. Federica Sotgia (University of Salford), where I became involved in anti-cancer drug discovery projects targeting cancer stem cells (CSC).

After completing my PhD, I took up my current role as a Research Associate Fellow at the Translational Medicine Laboratories (University of Salford, Manchester ) on December 2019.

Areas of research

Cell metabolism, Mitochondria, Cancer stem cells

Research Interests

Cancer stem cells, mitochondria, regenerative medicine