Dr. Carson Bergstorm

School of Arts and Media

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Contact Details

Crescent House 120

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Current positions

Senior Lecturer in English Literature


I have worked for University of Salford for twenty years.

Areas of research

Shakespeare, History of Science, Eighteenth-Century Literature, Romantic Period, Satire


Shakespeare and the Play of Thought; From Salvation to Damnation: Religion, Sex, and Identity in English Drama, 1500-1630; Narrative, Fiction, and the Novel; The Romantic Period; Introduction to Poetry; Utopias and Dystopias; Anthony Burgess and his Contemporaries; Wordscope Writing Skills Workshops.

Research Interests

  • Eighteenth-Century Literature 
  • Genre 
  • Shakespeare 
  • History of Science 
  • Satire

Qualifications and Memberships


  • BA 
  • MA 
  • PhD