University of Salford - Applicant Events 2021

Congratulations on receiving an offer to study with us. Your next step is find out more about our applicant events and join our Microsoft Teams groups.

Our applicant events are designed to give offer-holders a real flavour of what life is like as a Salford undergraduate student. With multiple dates and sessions to choose from, you can tailor your schedule to suit your interests. You'll have the opportunity to learn more about your course, chat with your future classmates and speak with our staff and students about studying at Salford. You will also be able to find out more about our accommodation, student finance, the Students' Union, student support services and more. We'll be running events each week and you can mix and match what you want to attend to suit your schedule. 

At the moment our events are online but we hope to be able to welcome you onto campus over the next few months.

As well as attending our events, you can also join your course Teams group where you will get the chance to chat to your future course mates. These groups are based on your chosen course area so everyone in your group will be interested in similar courses to you.

Watch our video below for a summary on our applicant events:

Applicant events video

Applicant Events

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How to book onto our events

We have come to the end of our current schedule of course sessions, but if you are still looking for find out more about the University of Salford, be sure to book your place on one of our upcoming campus tours or request to join your course Team, to keep in touch with your course tutors.

You can also head back to the offer holder hub for more information on our courses, campus and facilities, finance and support.

Course sessions

Course sessions

Choose your course from the drop-down list below to view available dates for your course. Ahead of each event, we will provide more info via email and the Teams group on what to expect from your session and links to join. 

General sessions

As well as your course session, there are plenty of other talks, Q&As and 1-to-1s being delivered by our staff and students to help answer your questions about everything from accommodation to study skills, from student finance to sports teams and lots more. To find out when these take place and what to expect from each session, simply click on the relevant image below. You're welcome to drop-in to whichever sessions you are interested in - attend as many as you like - and we'll provide updated information each week and dedicated special events focussing a more in-depth look. 

Why should I come to an applicant event?

Campus signpost at Open Day

Our applicant events are the next step on from our Open Days but are exclusive to applicants who have been made an offer to study with us.

Choosing the university that's right for you is one of the most important decisions you will make for your future. Even if you have attended an Open Day, either online or in person, we would strongly recommend that you attend one of these events as they provide valuable insight into what it will be like to live (or commute), study and socialise with us.

As an offer holder for one of our courses, you have already narrowed down your choices and we’re thrilled to have made it onto your shortlist. We tailor these days to help you gather as much information as possible and hope that it makes it easier for you to make that important final decision.

We know that visiting the university, seeing our beautiful campus and meeting our staff and students is a really important part of your decision-making, and we will do our best to get you on campus if we can. In the meantime, our applicant events are the next best thing!

Why should I join the Teams group?


The Teams group is there to allow you to interact with other offer-holders from your course. It is an opportunity to ask questions - of each other and of University staff - and will also provide reminders and information about upcoming events. This is a great opportunity to connect with some of your future classmates until you are able to meet in person. When you join the Teams group, you'll be agreeing to adhere to our community standards which will be published on each group. Please note that your email address will also be visible to other participants.

Once you have filled out the below form, it may take several working days for you to be added to the relevant team. 




Joining the Teams group

Now you have received an offer to study with us, you can request to join your course Teams group using the form below. 


When is the next applicant event?

The next applicant event is Saturday 15 May 2021.

Do I need to book onto an applicant event?

Book your place here for the online event running on Saturday 15 May.  You can also use this form to book on one of the tours we are running on campus.


Who can attend an applicant event?

Applicant events are more focused than an Open Day, so they are for offer-holders only. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have been to an Open Day before, you will receive more of a subject focus at the applicant event and it will give you a chance find out more in depth information about your chosen course. 

Choosing the right University is an important decision so we would also encourage parents, carers and supporters to join in with some of the sessions and chats. 

How does an online applicant event work?

Our online applicant events will all take place through Microsoft Teams and Blackboard collaborate . You can join on the day simply by clicking a link which will be sent via email and posted in the Teams group. Some sessions will be a presentation, some will be a Q&A and others may be more interactive, however it will always be your decision as to how much you would like to interact with these. Ahead of each event we will provide information on what to expect and how to join but if you have questions at any point you can post them in the Teams group or contact our enquiries team using the details above. 

How does the Team group work?

Once you have filled out the form above, we will add you to the relevant Teams group. Please note this may take around a week, so please do not worry if you are not added straight away. The Teams group will consist of other students holding offers for similar courses to you. You will be able to interact with each other, asking questions, sharing information (only if you choose) and there will be regular updates about upcoming events. You can choose to leave the Teams group at any stage should you no longer want to participate.

I want to join in with the Teams group but not attend an event

If you join the Teams group, you are not obliged to join any events. We will keep you informed of what is taking place each week but it is your decision to choose to attend these or not. 

I want to join an event but not join the Teams group

You are not obliged to join the Teams group. As well as posting information on the Teams group, we will also email you every Monday with information about events for that week, so you will not miss out on any events should you choose not to join. 

Will there be any opportunity to visit campus?

We are excited to be able to invite you on to campus now.  For further information on how to book click here

Need further information?

We're here to help support you and answer and queries you may have. Get in touch with our friendly team by emailing or phone +44 (0)161 295 4545.

To have a look at all our information for offer holders, don’t forget to visit our Offer Holder Hub page where you can find out more about life at Salford, how to get in touch with current students and read more about your chosen course

Also take a look at our FAQs above for more information about our applicant events and the Teams groups.