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We have a great international and multicultural community here at Salford, with students joining us from across the world. Studying with us is a great opportunity to meet different people and make new friends for life. If you're considering joining us for either a semester or a full academic year, we have several programmes for you to consider: Study Abroad, International Exchange and Erasmus+.

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Choosing a course to study

As a visiting student joining us for a short term, you will mostly be allowed to study the same modules that are available to our current students. However, some schools may have restrictions in place due to the nature, duration and size of certain classes.

We advise that you fully research our range of courses, to find a programme and modules that best match those you are currently studying at your home institution.

Have a look at the modules available in each school:

Please note that some modules are subject to change. Timetables and class schedules are not released until a few weeks before the start of the trimester.

Key information about our courses, teaching and assessments


We recommend that you study 60 credits (or three modules) per semester of study, to allow a balance between your academic workload and social life. However, if your home institution requires more than 60 credits per semester to pass, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our undergraduate programmes run for three years: Level 4 (first year of study), Level 5 (second year of study) and Level 6 (third year of study). With each increase in level, there are raised expectations on the performance of our students, so you should try to pick modules that reflect your level of study. For example, if you were starting your second year of study with us, we recommend selecting Level 5 modules, or a mixture of Level 5 and Level 6 modules.

Once you have selected the modules you would like to take, you should list these in your application form. Please note that all modules are subject to availability, and while we will do as much as we can to make sure you are registered on the modules you are interested in, your module choice will only be confirmed once you register.

Language modules

If you are interested in studying another language, either as part of your studies for credit or as an extra curricula option, our University Wide Language Programme (UWLP) offers classes in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Chinese and Spanish. Options will differ by start date and the school you are registered with.

Teaching and assessment

When you join us as a student, you will be invited to University-wide welcome events and receive course-specific information from your school. Your school will be your first point of contact for any queries relating to your programme of study, from how classes are delivered to how you are assessed at the end of your time with us. Your school will also be in touch with information about your transcripts, so you can make sure you have the credits needed to return to your home institution.

For information on rules, regulations and procedures, including academic appeals, please visit askUS.


If you study with us in the first trimester, you will be issued with a results letter shortly after your studies have ended and your results have been confirmed. It is up to you to share the results with your home institution. The results letter will indicate the grades you have obtained while studying with us, but it is not a formal recognition of your results; these are issued in the summer.

If you study with us in the second trimester, you will be issued with a formal transcript ratified by us.


One of the decisions you will have to make before your arrival is whether you would like to live on or off campus.

If you decide that living in student accommodation is for you, we have two options for you to choose from: Peel Park Quarter, or John Lester and Eddie Colman Courts. These are both provided by Campus Living Villages (CLV).

Please note that accommodation on campus is not guaranteed for all visiting students due to very high demand. You will only be able to apply for student accommodation once you have been officially accepted and have received an acceptance letter containing your student ID.

If you are thinking of living off-campus and renting privately, we recommend using landlords that are accredited by Manchester Student Homes.

We strongly advise that you do not sign a contract or pay any money until you have viewed the property in person.

Entry Requirements

International and EU students staying for one trimester only, may be required to enter the UK as a visitor, or on a Student Visa if they are planning to work whilst studying. For more information on if a visa is required for your exchange, please visit the Visa Checker. International and EU students staying for a full academic year are required to obtain a Student Visa before they travel to the UK. Please note: all International and EU students applying for a programme that might involve a work component (e.g. Performing Arts, Music, Fashion etc.) will be required to apply for a Student visa even if studying for one trimester only.

For further information on visas and the various documentation required in order to obtain one, please visit the UK Government website.

For any further immigration assistance, please email Home Office Compliance.

Applicants wanting a CAS number so that they can apply for a Student Visa (i.e. those coming to Salford for a full year or those coming for one semester but who wish to work while they are here) are required to provide a UKVI or Academic IELTS 6.0 overall (with no individual element below 5.5) or an alternative acceptable English Language qualification as listed on our English Language Requirements page.

Applicants coming to Salford for one semester only on a Visitor Visa (who therefore do not need a CAS number for a Student Visa) will have to meet the English language requirements outlined in our inter-institutional agreement with their home institution. They will also need to sign an English Language Declaration confirming that they will only stay for one semester.

All students undertaking an English programme e.g. English Language, English Literature etc., are required to submit a valid - not older than two years - C1 English language certificate).

Need more Information?

Our team is here to help: if you have any further questions or queries about our Study Abroad Programme, Erasmus+ or International Exchange, you can email our team and don't forget to have a look at our welcome page.