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School of Health and Society

Karenza Moore


I have a background in Sociology, Criminology, Youth Studies and Leisure Studies. In 2004 I was awarded an ESRC-funded PhD in Sociology from Surrey University titled 'Young People's Versions of the Future in Relation to Mobile Technology'. Prior to taking up the post of Lecturer in Criminology and Security here at UoS, I worked at Lancaster University for 12 years. My teaching and research profile is focused on alcohol, drugs, novel psychoactive substances (NPS) and illict medications, and on internet risk and security. My recent publications include an EU report on targeted population surveys (TPS) to capture drug use in recreational settings such as nightclubs and festivals, and a Beckley Foundation report on MDMA/Ecstasy regulation.


Criminal Justice and Human Rights

Policing and Social Control

Contemporary Global Issues in Social Policy (Children and Young People; Gender)

I am currently co-developing the School of Health and Society's Criminology with Security provision


Research Interests

Spectacular Spaces/Times of Deviant or Illicit Leisure: Alcohol and drug use in bars, nightclubs, warehouses, festivals, and on holiday

'Unspectacular' Spaces/Times of Deviant or Illicit Leisure: Behind Closed Doors: Drug use in domestic spaces

Criminalisation, commercialisation and politicisation of rave and post-rave dance music cultures

Dance drug prevalence, use trends and patterns

Emergent drug trends, including emergence of novel psychoactive substances (NPS)

OTC or prescription medication user experiences, espcially benzodiazapines

What is 'recovery'?

Drug markets online/offline

Drug laws and drug policies (inc. drug policy change advocacy, and harm reduction)

Ethics, reflexivity and positionality in drug research

Social and criminal/deviant aspects of communication technologies, inlcuding cybercrime


Qualifications and Memberships

HEA Fellow


Moore, K and Wells, H. (2018 in press), The Regulation of MDMA/Ecstasy, Oxford: Beckley Foundation.

Moore, K. and Matias J. (2018), Targeted Population Surveys on Drug Use in Recreational Settings Across Europe, in G. Potter, D. Korf and J. Fountain (eds.) Spaces and Places in European Drug Research, Lengerich: European Society for Social Drug Research.

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), Technical Report (2018) Monitoring Drug Use in Recreational Settings Across Europe: Conceptual challenges and methodological innovations, Lisbon: EMCDDA.

Rashid, A., Moore, K., May-Chahal, and Chitchyan, C. (2015), Managing Emergent Ethical Concerns for Software Engineering in Society, Software Engineering (ICSE) 2015 IEEE/ACM 37th IEEE International Conference, IEEE, 2: 523-526.

Moore, K, Dargan, P., Wood, D. and Measham, F. (2013), Do novel psychoactive substances (NPS) displace established street drugs, supplement them or act as drugs of initiation? The relationship between mephedrone, ecstasy and cocaine, European Addiction Research, 19(5): 276-282.

Postgraduate research

I am an experienced PhD supervisor. I am happy to (co)supervise PhD projects in the following areas (not exhaustive list):

-Alcohol, drugs, NPS and illicit medications: prevalence, trends and patterns, meanings, motivations and consequences; markets, law and policies

-Night-time economy research

-Dance music cultures (any aspect)

-Social and criminal/deviant aspects of technologies, including cybercrime