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School of Health and Society

Dr Emilie Whitaker

Lecturer in Social Policy


Emilie is a Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Salford and holds an Honorary Lectureship in Sociology at Cardiff University. Emilie joined the School of Health & Society in November 2016.

Emilie is an ethnographer sociologist interested in care, welfare, emotion and futures. An interdisciplinarian of a deviant nature, Emilie’s interests transgress the social sciences and humanities.


Emilie's teaching reflects her own research interests. The three modules she leads on at undergraduate level are concerned with the development of ideas and their impact on state-craft ('ideologies' level 5) , the practice of creative methodologies ('methods' level 5) , and the power of representation for policymaking ('families' level 6).

Teaching interests:

  • Critical approaches to welfare
  • Methods
  • History of ideas
  • Theoretical perspectives

Research Interests

Emilie is an ethnographer sociologist interested in care, welfare and futures. Her work frequently involves an exploration of time and emotion, particularly understandings, visions and experiences of futures and endings. She is also interested in methodological innovation in ethnographic practices, writing and representation.

Qualifications and Memberships

British Sociological Association, Social Policy Association.


Whitaker, EM. and Atkinson, P. (2017), 'Surrender, catch and the imp of fieldwork' , Qualitative Inquiry (in press)

Whitaker, EM. (2015) 'The Cultural Contemplation Of Death By The Living: From Sequestration to the 'Cosmopolitan Aesthetic' Of Death And Dying', in: Tandy, C (ed.), Death And Anti-Death, Volume 13:, Ria University Press, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Whitaker, EM. (2015), 'Personalisation in children's social work: From family support to the 'child's budget'', Journal of Integrated Care, 23(5), pp.277-286

Whitaker, EM. (2015). 'Beyond Black and Green: Children Visioneering the Future.', in: Collier, J (ed.), The Future of Social Epistemology: A Collective Vision, Rowman & Littlefield International, London, UK

Postgraduate research

I am particularly interested in supervising ethnographic projects which centre upon care and welfare.