In-Year Retrieval Scheme - Student FAQs

The In-Year Retrieval Scheme (IYRS) provides level 3 and 4 students with an opportunity to make good a failed mark in some components of assessment, including those which were not submitted, without having to wait for the reassessment period.

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to take part in the IYRS?

If you have failed a component of assessment or did not submit a component of assessment and are eligible for retrieval, you will be notified.

In order to take part in the IYRS you must be a level 3 (foundation year) or level 4 student (first year of a degree programme) registered on a University of Salford programme (including programmes delivered at collaborative partners).

If you are registered on an accelerated degree programme which has a different assessment pattern, you are not eligible for the IYRS.

What will I need to do to retrieve a failed assessment?

Normally you will be asked to re-work the original component of assessment using the feedback provided (where available) in order to achieve a pass mark.  Where you have feedback, you must consider this carefully and act upon the advice given.  If, having considered your feedback, you are still unclear about what you need to do to improve your submission, you should speak to the marker or module leader.

Do I need to tell anyone if I want to take part in the IYRS?

If you wish to undertake examinations, or a timed assessment such as an OSCE which are offered as part of the IYRS, then to enable the university to schedule these components of assessments, you will need to notify the university that you want to undertake the IYRS timed component of assessment. You will be provided with information which explains the notification process.  If you have several timed components of assessment which you have not passed, due to scheduling constraints we are unable to guarantee that you will be able to undertake every timed component of assessment through the IYRS.

If you wish to undertake a component of coursework or similar assessment as part of the IYRS then you will not need to tell anyone. You simply need to submit your retrieval component of assessment by the deadline using the retrieval submission arrangements you have been given.

Is the scheme compulsory?

No, the scheme is not compulsory.  It is up to you to decide if you want to use the scheme or wait for the resit period.  In deciding whether or not to use the scheme, you need to think about your overall workload and if you have time to work on retrieval assessments and still keep up with your other modules. If you are uncertain, you should discuss this with your Programme Leader, Personal Tutor or your School’s Student Progression Administrator.

If you do not use the IYRS, you will still be eligible, in line with our Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes, to engage with reassessment and retake attempts.  

Are all components of assessments included in the IYRS?

Some components of assessments are not included in the scheme for good reason. These include (but are not restricted to) assessments which are disqualified from the IYRS by professional body requirements.  In addition, all IYRS assessments must be submitted, and all assessment procedures concluded, before the meeting of the relevant Module Assessment Board so this scheme only applies to summative assessments which can be accommodated in this timeframe.

Can I use the late submission period for IYRS assessments?

No, the late submission period does not apply to IYRS assessments. Any submissions after the deadline will not be marked.

I have a Reasonable Adjustment Plan/Carer Support Plan which gives me an additional week to submit assessments.  Can I use this in the retrieval period?

Yes, the additional period of time for submission outlined in your Reasonable Adjustment Plan or Carer Support Plan does apply to IYRS assessments.

I have passed an assessment, can I use the scheme to improve my mark?

The IYRS can only be used where you have not achieved a pass mark of 40% for a piece of assessment, or where you have achieved a pass mark but have not achieved a higher attainment mark required for progression to particular programmes.

Will the scheme apply to students who are suspected of academic misconduct?

Yes. A student who is suspected of academic misconduct may not receive an academic mark on the component of assessment in question. The student may decide to retrieve the component of assessment in advance of any decision reached by the Academic Misconduct Hearing. A successful retrieval attempt would then meet in full or part the penalty imposed by the panel.

I have failed a resit (reassessment), am I eligible for the IYRS?

If you have failed a resit component of assessment, you will be required to retake the module and will not be eligible for an IYRS attempt at that point.  Retaking involves attendance at classes and a fee will be charged for the module. You will also be required to complete all components of assessment associated with the module.

I am retaking a module with attendance, am I eligible for the IYRS?

Yes, you are eligible if you are retaking modules with attendance (i.e. students who are taking assessments for a third time) and will be able to benefit from the IYRS as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. Retake module marks are capped at 40%.

Will my retrieval mark be capped?

Normally retrieval components of assessment will be capped at 40%, unless you have an accepted PMC from the original submission. If you are retaking a module and make use of the IYRS, then your module mark will be capped at 40%.

If you are making use of the IYRS to meet a higher grade required for progression from level 3 to a route at level 4 and you have not achieved the specific level 3 pass requirement, the full mark you achieve at IYRS will be taken into consideration to determine if you are able to progress. For transcript purposes, your IYRS mark will be capped at 40% or the original mark achieved awarded, whichever is higher.

Will I get feedback on my retrieval submission?

If you failed your original submission and your retrieval submission achieves a pass mark, further feedback may not be provided. If you fail your retrieval submission, further feedback will be provided. If you are participating in IYRS and you did not submit your original assessment, feedback will be given.

Can I submit a request for personal mitigating circumstances for an IYRS attempt?

No, unfortunately we are unable to consider a request for personal mitigating circumstances for an IYRS assessment attempt. 

Can I appeal against the outcome of a retrieval attempt?

Marks will be confirmed by an assessment board. You can submit an academic appeal against any decision reached by an Assessment Board; however, an appeal must be based on the grounds outlined in the Academic Appeals Procedure.  Failure to engage with a retrieval attempt due to personal mitigating circumstances will not be deemed a relevant ground for appeal as mitigating circumstances cannot be considered for retrieval assessments.  

What additional support is available to me?

Further information can be found at:

  • Skills for assessment support
  • askUS for pastoral support