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Environmental Management


The University recognises that our activities have a significant impact on the environment and that, as an educational institution, we have a pivotal role to play in encouraging sustainable development in the wider community.

To help us reduce our environmental impact, we are in the process of implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) through the EcoCampus scheme. We are working towards the Platinum award and currently have achieved the Gold award. 

We are also working towards the international energy management system standard, ISO 50001 and so are implementing an integrated Environmental and Energy Management System (EEMS). As part of this we have a variety of objectives and targets which can be found here

How EcoCampus works

Environmental management systems are the most logical and effective way of operating in a sustainable manner. EcoCampus is an EMS award scheme specifically for the further and higher education sectors. EcoCampus is aligned with the international standard ISO 14001 and British Standard 8555.

The EcoCampus programme consists of four phases: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. By working through these phases the University will:

  • Review its current environmental performance and plan how it can be improved
  • Develop procedures to implement the plan
  • Check actual progress to see if it is functioning effectively against the plan
  • Ensure any recommendations for improvement are implemented

The EcoCampus system covers all aspects of the University's operations including: waste management, energy use, water efficiency, sustainable purchasing, construction and refurbishment, biodiversity, travel and community involvement.

Once all phases have been completed and a fully functioning EMS is in place, the process is repeated so that the University continually improves its environmental performance.

Carbon Management

Global climate change is recognised as the key environmental threat facing the world. This, along with the volatility of energy prices, HEFCE sustainable development framework and carbon reduction targets, Government policy and student pressure is driving the University to reduce carbon emissions.

University of Salford was one of 33 Universities who took part in Phase 6 of the Higher Education Carbon Management (HECM) programme run by the Carbon Trust. With the support of this programme, we launched our Carbon Management Plan in 2011 to define how we will work towards our target of a 30% reduction in carbon emissions over 5 years based on 2005/6 emissions and longer term 43% reduction by 2020.

Read our Carbon Management Plan Summary

Or full document here

Please note we have a new Energy, Water and Carbon Management Plan in development. 

If you would like to be involved with the development, implementation and oversight of the Carbon Management Plan, please get in touch

Our strategy to reduce carbon emissions includes;