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Salford Business School

Professor Ralph Darlington

Professor of Employment Relations and Director of Postgraduate Research


Ralph became a lecturer in Employment Studies at the University of Salford in 1991 and was promoted to senior lecturer in 2000 and Professor of Employment Relations in 2008.

He is Director of Postgraduate Research in the College of Business and Law, with responsibility for some 150 PhD students. His teaching interests are in the areas of work, employment, industrial relations and trade unionism. He teaches Employee Relations on a third-year undergraduate module and Employment Relations and Law on a postgraduate module. He has given guest lectures at a number of universities in Britain, as well as in France, Spain, Finland and Germany.

Ralph has authored, co-authored and edited six books, including The Dynamics of Workplace Unionism (1994), The Political Trajectory of J.T. Murphy (1998), Glorious Summer (2001), Syndicalism and the Transition to Communism: An International Comparative Analysis (2008), What's the Point of Industrial Relations?: In Defence of Critical Social Science (2009), and Radical Unionism (2013).

He has also had 13 book chapters and 29 journal articles published in both British and international journals, and presented research papers at conferences in 12 different countries around the world.

Ralph is an executive committee member of the British Universities Industrial Relations Association, executive board member of the International Association on Strikes and Social Conflicts, and member of the British Sociological Association. He is an editorial board member of the journal Work, Employment and Society and an editorial advisory board member of Employee Relations: The International Journal. Ralph also acts as a referee for the British Journal of Industrial Relations, Industrial Relations Journal, Work, Employment and Society, Human Resource Management Journal, Capital and Class, Employee Relations, Labor Studies Journal, International Review of Social History, Historical Studies in Industrial Relations, Journal of Contemporary History, Economic History Review, and Contemporary British History.

He was guest editor of a special issue of Socialist History (2010) and joint editor of special issues of Capital and Class (2012) and Historical Studies in Industrial Relations (2012). He was also guest editor of a special issue of Employee Relations examining the changing nature of employment relations over the last 50 years which was published in 2015.

For the last 22 years Ralph has been secretary of the Manchester Industrial Relations Society (,  the primary forum for academic and practitioner debates in the field of industrial relations in the north-west of England. He organised a 50th anniversary one-day national conference of the Society in November 2014.

In addition to acting in an advisory capacity for a number of trade unions, his research has been featured in national and local newspapers and on radio and television.


Employment Relations, third year undergraduate

Employment Relations and Law, postgraduate

Research Interests

Ralph's research is concerned with the dynamics of trade union organisation, activity and consciousness in Britain and internationally within both contemporary and historical settings.

Contemporary studies have been conduced into different sectors of manufacturing industry, Royal Mail, Fire Service, Manchester Airport, London Underground, the railways, and McDonald’s fast food restaurants, amongst others. Historical studies have been conducted into various aspects of the international labour movement, including the British First World War Shop Stewards Movement, the labour militancy of the early 1970s, and the international revolutionary syndicalist movement during the first quarter of the 20th century. 

Both sets of research have been concerned with the changing nature of trade unionism, the relationship between union members and full-time union officers, and the interplay between workplace militancy, union leadership and socialist politics.

Ralph’s research has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and British Academy.

Ralph has recently co-authored a research report on ‘The Conservative Government’s Strike Ballot Threshold Proposals: The Challenge for the Trade Unions’ which has been republished in abbreviated and pamphlet form by the Institute for Employment Rights.

PhD Supervision

I am currently supervising doctoral students on the following topics:

Human Resource Development policy formulation, implementation and regulation; outsourcing, contract labour and the trade union response; and the role of social media in recruitment.

I would be interested in supervising future doctoral students in:

I would be interested in supervising future doctoral students in the general area of work, employment relations and society, particularly trade unionism and strike activity.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • BA (Hons) Social Studies First Class, Liverpool Polytechnic, 1987
  • MA Labour Studies, Sociology of Labour, University of Warwick, 1988
  • PhD Industrial Relations, University of Warwick, 1991
  • Member of British Industrial Relations Association and British Sociological Association



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