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Salford Business School

Dr Abdi Ali

Lecturer in Economics & Finance, Research Coordinator for Accounting, Finance & Economics


Prior to joining Salford Business School in September 2017, I was a Lecturer in Economics at Aberystwyth University, as well as the Director of Postgraduate Studies. I am an External Research Associate at the Global Development Institute of the University of Manchester and at the China and Emerging Economies Centre, Northampton Business School. I hold an MSc (Econ) with Distinction as well as a PhD (Econ) from the University of Manchester.


  • ¿ Principles of Economics (first year UG)
  •      Macroeconomic Analysis (second year UG)
  • ¿ Risk, Regulation & Compliance (PG)

Research Interests

  • Capital flows; economic and financial integration;  financial  and economic development
  • Private sector dynamics in LDCs w. p. focus on innovative practices at firm-level
  • Commodity price volatility; agricultural supply response
  • Social and human capital; resource mobilization; African economies

Qualifications and Memberships

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  1. Alpaslan B, & Ali A. (2017). The Spillover Effects of Innovative Ideas on Human Capital. Review of Development Economics. 00:1–28.
  2. Ali, A., & Alpaslan, B. (2017). Pro-industry policies, sustainability and industrial growth, forthcoming in M. Yulet (Ed.) Industrial policy and sustainable growth, Springer Academic Publishers.
  3. Ali, A., & Alpaslan, B. (2017). Is there an investment motive behind remittances? Evidence from panel cointegration, Journal of Developing Areas, 51 (1), 63-82.
  4. Ali, A., & Imai, K. S. (2015). Crisis, economic integration and growth collapses in African countries. Journal of African Economies, 24(4), 471-501. [Editor’s Choice]
  5. Imai, K. S., Gaiha, R., Ali, A., & Kaicker, N. (2014). Remittances, growth and poverty: New evidence from Asian countries. Journal of Policy Modeling, 36(3), 524-538. [Also published as an IFAD/UN policy report/occasional paper Nr. 15, 2012].
  6. Ali, A. (2013). Are property rights institutions and financial development complements or substitutes? The case of private investment. Economics Bulletin, 33(2), 1126-1131.
  7. Imai, K. S., Gaiha, R., Thapa, G., & Ali, A. (2012). Supply response to food price changes in Asian countries, in M. Aoki, T. Kuran and G. Roland (eds.) Institutions and Comparative Economic Development, Palgrave, Macmillan, New York.

Conference Papers

  1. Ali, A., & Walters, B. (2011). On the causes of capital flight from  Sub-Saharan Africa. CSAE Oxford University Conference Paper No. 679.
  2. Ali, A. (2011). Institutional quality, financial development and capital flight. The Sixteenth World Congress of International Economic Association, Beijing, China.