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School of the Built Environment

Professor Peter McDermott

Professor of Construction Management


I have been a Professor of Construction Management/Procurement in the School of the Built Environment since 2007, having joined as a lecturer in 1993.

The way that construction is organised, managed and procured has a significant impact on our environment.  My teaching, research and professional activities are focused on this and around a determination to make a difference to the built environment/sectors that we serve. 

My duties at Salford have been/are wide and varied.  I have had the opportunity to teach, research and work with industry and policy -makers in my specialist subject areas.  The following sections give a brief overview of this.


  • Management Principles
  • Construction Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Lean Construction
  • Social and Community Benefits
  • Social Value
  • Infrastructure and Construction Strategies

Research Interests

In addition to having led EPSRC research work in the area of procurement systems, performance management and community benefits, I have been applying this work with various clients and suppliers in industry.  I have developed procurement and performance management systems with major regional and national public sector clients, delivered commissioned work for DTI, DFID and I am currently working with Treasury (Infrastructure UK) and the Cabinet Office (Construction Strategy) on a range of working groups including procurement and performance management. I have specialised in delivering social and community benefits through construction procurement.

Construction industry development. 

Strategies for the Construction and Infrastructure Sectors. 

Business strategies in construction and infrastructure.

Construction procurement.

Strategic procurement.

Sustainable Procurement.

Construction supply chains. 

Social and Community Benefit. 

Social Value.

Joint co-ordinator of CIB (International Building Research Council)  Commission W92 Procurement Systems – having been a founder member (1989) – I became Joint Co-ordinator from April 2005.

HM Treasury/Infrastructure UK /Cabinet Office – Invited member of  Joint Committee for Infrastructure Cost Review Implementation and Construction Strategy

Chair of Shadow Infrastructure Cost Review Implementation Group for the North-West – to support my role on the national group (see above) – including - ICE (north-west) United Utilities, Network Rail, Sellafields, GMPTE, NWConstruction Hub,  Mersey Gateway (Runcorn Bridge), Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Manchester City Council,  Aecom, Morgan Ashurst.

Cabinet Office, Construction Strategy - Efficiency Reform Group,  - Academic Advisor to the Procurement Stream Implementation –  drafted a report on the Effectiveness of Frameworks  - reviewing evidence from the national government departments and the “wider public sector” (local authorities) July – published on line July 2012.

An independent academic/procurement advisor on the board of the North-West Construction Hub (a regional construction framework established by the Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership for the Built Environment).

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce – Construction Committee/ Policy Committee – infrastructure and construction related matters

Salford Construction Partnership (City of Salford as a construction client with developer and contractor partners seeking to maximize impact of local spend in the City)

Qualifications and Memberships

BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying

PhD Construction Management


Some recent, example publications

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Oyegoke, A.S., Dickinson, M., Khalfan, M.M.A., McDermott, P. and Rowlinson, S. (2009) Construction project procurement routes: an in-depth critique, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business Vol 2 , Issue 3, p338-354

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Khalfan, M. M. A.; McDermott, P.; Li, X. and Kashyap, M.  (2008) The integration of suppliers and manufacturers within construction supply chains through innovative procurement strategies, International Journal of Value Chain Management, Vol 2.  Issue 3, pp 358 -370.  

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