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School of the Built Environment

Andrew Fleming

Director of Admissions


I have gained research experience working on a number of EPSRC collaborative research projects, notably “Process Protocol Level 2” ((£304, 000, EPSRC ref: GR/M20006), “Managing Change and Dependency” and “The Big Ideas: Sustained Competitiveness in the UK Construction Sector (EPSRC £237,446 ref: GR/ T21820/01) which won The Chartered Institute of Building’s Research and Innovation Award in 2009. I have also collaborated on process management issues with a number of companies and organisations in the banking, facilities management, construction and disaster management sectors. I have developed a Disaster Management and Reconstruction Process for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors President’s Commission for Major Disaster Management. During the development of a recent European standard for FM Processes Andrew was a member of the BSI FMW1 Committee for developing FM standards and also a UK principal expert on the European CEN TC 348 Working Group. Currently I am  teaching Lean Integrated Design and Corporate Strategy and working on Disaster Management research.


Business Strategy, Lean Construction, Facilities management, Process management.

Research Interests

Disaster Management, Process Management, Lean Construction, Facilities Management.

Qualifications and Memberships

BSc (Hons) Building Surveying

MSc IT In Property and Construction

PGCert Academic Practice

Fellow Higher Education Academy


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