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Why Be Enterprising

Why become self-employed, a freelancer or start your own business? There are many reasons and benefits why people choose this career path. Most people want to be their own boss. Others do it to make lots of money or even just to make a second income. Some relish the challenge of working for themselves, while others have no option but to go self-employed.

Many successful businesses today were established by students while they were still in university or just after completing university. Many argue that there is never a better time to start a business than at university. Some examples are Google, Facebook, Time magazine, Dell and many more. 

Take part in this masterclass to find out how you can get involved and how to go about starting your own  business. We will focus on what it means to be enterprising and the skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur. You will learn about the benefits of being self-employed and hopefully we will motivate you to put your business idea into action.  

This workshop will outline key personality traits and areas which are essential to develop in order to run a business. There will be a chance for self-reflection and using the Facets Model, you will get a chance to analyse how entrepreneurial you are based on your skill-set.