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School of Arts and Media

Dr Leslie McMurtry

Lecturer in Radio Studies


Sonic Cultures

Radio Cultures

Media Texts

Media Institutions

Research Interests

Particular areas of interest are gender, race/ethnicity and radio; podcasts; Gothic/horror audio drama; dialect and Anglo-American relations; transmedia of audio drama (comics, silent film); empirical experiments on imagery generation through aural drama; film/television sound.

I also write about fan studies (particularly Doctor Who and fanzines); Gothic horror; Victorian literature/culture; and the American Revolution.

Qualifications and Memberships

PhD, English (radio drama)

MA Creative and Media Writing

BA, English and French


Books Accepted for Publication

2019. Revolution in the Echo Chamber:  Audio Drama’s Past, Present, and Future (Intellect).

Book Chapters

2018.  “ ‘No One Ever Sees the Angel’: Adapting The Phantom of the Opera”, in Issues of Value in Film Adaptation, Ed. Laurence Raw.  Jefferson, NC:  McFarland & Co.


2018.  (with Danielle Hancock) “ ‘I Know What a Podcast Is’:  Post-Serial Fiction and Podcast Media Identity’, in Podcasting:  New Aural Cultures and Digital Media, Ed. Dario Llinares, Neil Fox, and Richard Berry.  Basingstoke:  Palgrave: 81-105.

2015. “Aurally Bloodcurdling: Representing Dracula and His Brethren in BBC Radio Drama,” in Dracula and the Gothic in Literature, Pop Culture and the Arts, Ed. Dr. Isabel Ermida.  Leiden:  Rodopi/Brill: 157-178.

2013. “Doctor Who, Steampunk, and the Victorian Christmas,” in We the Neo-Victorians:  Perspectives on Literature and Culture, Ed. Dorota Babilas & Lucyna Krawczyk-Zywko. Warsaw:  Universitas Varsoviensis Press: 185-207.

2013. “Do It Yourself:  Women, Fanzines, and Doctor Who,” in Fan Phenomena: Doctor Who, Ed. Paul Booth.  Bristol:  Intellect Publishing Co.: 84-95.

2013. “Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know:  The Nolan/Ledger Joker, Morality, and the Hetero-fictional Impulse,” in Fan Phenomena:  Batman, Ed. Liam Burke. Bristol:  Intellect Publishing Co.: 90-103.

2013. “Inventing America:  The Aztecs in Context,” in Doctor Who and Race, Ed. Lindy Orthia.  Bristol:  Intellect Publishing Co.: 107-110.

2011. “The Importance of Language Converted to Knowledge in the Arsenal of the Tenth Doctor,” in The Unsilent Library:  Essays on the Russell T. Davies Era of the New Doctor Who, Ed. Simon Bradshaw, Antony Keen & Graham Sleight.  London:  Science Fiction Foundation: 121-134.

Journal Articles

2017. (with Danielle Hancock) “ ‘Cycles upon Cycles, Stories upon Stories’:  Contemporary Audio Media and Podcast Horror’s New Frights,” Palgrave Communications 3:1.

2017. “Imagination and Narrative:  Young People’s Experiences,” Journal of Radio and Audio Media, 24:2.

2016. “ ‘I’m Not a Real Detective, I Only Play One on Radio’:  Serial as the Future of Audio Drama,” Journal of Popular Culture, 49: 306-324.

2015. “Framing Errors:  Reality and Fiction in Audio Drama,” Journal of American Studies in Turkey, 41/1: 5-15.

2015. “The Future of Satellite Audio Drama,” Peripeti, 22: 45-54.

2012. “Anatomy of a Gamechanger: BBC Radio 4’s Life and Fate,” Radio-Leituras, 3/2

Guest Blogs for Sounding Out!:  The Sound Studies Blog

2018. “The Greatest Sound in the Galaxy:  Sound in Star Wars,” parts 1 & 2,

2018. “Speaking American,”

2016. “The Magical Post-Horn:  A Trip to the BBC Archive Centre in Perivale,”