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School of Arts and Media

Jostine Loubser

Lecturer in Ethnomusicology, World Music and Composition


Jostine Loubser is an Ethnomusicologist in the School of Arts & Media. Her research is focussed on Cape Jazz, Afrocentricity and its application to African situations (as opposed to North American frameworks).  Further research interests include Capoeira, ‘Music/Movement, Space and Place’ and concepts of Play. She has, over the years, contributed to the development of popular music education at Salford University through the introduction of a number of modules and students’ professional development. She is also keen pianist, vocalist and capoeirista.


Jostine  leads a variety of projects in the university; all closely linked to her research interests. The longest running of these is the Professional Development Week; a week long seminar and workshop week, aimed at music students to ensure their on-going professional development. The week boasts, on average, 26 sessions that are focussed on future, post-graduate training and work possibilities, as well as Master Classes and research-based workshops.

A key project that shows Jostine’s love of “world music” is the UoS Festival of International Music and Dance. Now in its 4th year, it has grown from a one day festival, called Muslim World Music Day – as part of a project run by the ARChive of Popular Music in New York, to a two day festival that serves as the culmination of a semester-long  out-reach project. The festival has been well received as its April 2013 photographs show.

Jostine is also a key member in the organization of the Black History Month celebrations for the university. Past events include research seminars, fundraising events (for Oxfam and Playing for Change), workshops and invited speakers – such as Dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson and film-maker Robert Beckford. The new programme [for October 2013] is currently being developed to commemorate the jubilee of Martin Luther King’s ‘I had a Dream’ address from August 1963.


Ethnomusicology, International Music (“World” Music), Composition and Popular Musicology (Identity, Race & Ethnicity in Popular Music contexts).

Research Interests

Music and Identity as represented in Cape Jazz and the Music from the Western Cape (South Africa), Afrocentricity,  Capoeira, Space, Place and concepts of Play.

Qualifications and Memberships

B.Mus (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa)

M.Mus  - Ethnomusicology (Goldsmith Colege, University of London)


Book Contribution:

The Transcription and Analysis of 29 Women’s Songs, published in Râio de vellâon, râio de canto: cantor a los animals, una poâetica andina de la creaciân, Denise Arnold & Juan Yapita de Dios, 1998. 

Forth Coming Chapter:

Abdullah Ibrahim and the validation of the local: 'Is THIS what Rashid Vally wanted?', for SASRIM (South  African Society for Research in Music), November 2013.

Forth Coming Papers:

Ancestral Memories in the Beauty of a Woman: Reclaiming the Self Through Indigenous Musical Identities, Sharing Cultures: 3rd Conference on Intangible Cultures, Aveiro, Portugal, July 2013.

Papers Delivered:

“You are now in Fairyland”: Jazz from District Six, Rethinking Jazz Cultures: Rhythm Changes II, University of Salford, Media City, April 2013.

 Abdullah Ibrahim and the validation of the local: 'Is THIS what Rashid Vally wanted?', Histories, aesthetics, and politics of South African jazz: An indaba convened by the Rhodes University/Mellon Jazz Heritage Project, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, January 2012.

Ancestral Memories in the Beauty of a Woman:  Reclaiming the self through music in indigenous identities, Racism(s): A Symposium on Discrimination, Displacement and ‘Home’ in the 21st Century. Black History Month, University of Salford, October 2011.

Cognition & Knowledge: of Pleasure & Apartheid, Musical Knowledge: British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE), St John's College, Oxford, April 2010

Jazz and Cultural Identity: Mapping the personal, Mediating Jazz: Popular Music Research Centre, Rhythm Changes I, University of Salford, RNCM, November 2009.

Jazz and Cultural Identity: Mapping the personal, New Directions, New Voices : Southern African Music Research Conference. School of Music & Conservatory, North-West University: Potchefstroom Campus, South Africa, September 2006.

A Different Identity: Music in Cape Town, Postgraduate Conference Series, University of Salford, September 2004

Teaching Popular Music: Methods and Approaches, The International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) Conference: Popular Music Studies: Where Now?, 20023