From fine art to design for the stage and screen, from photography to graphic design – the areas of specialism within art and design are vast and at the University of Salford, we’ve got them covered.

When you study art and design courses with us, you’ll call the £55 million New Adelphi building home. It’s where you’ll find industry-standard facilities and teams of experienced and dedicated tutors and technicians on hand to help you hone your skills and develop your creativity.

You’ll be able to specialise in the areas that interest you, undertake live briefs and real world assignments, and at the end of it all you’ll graduate with a portfolio of work and the confidence you’ll need to make an impact from day one of your new career.

Read on to find out what courses we offer, and where an art and design degree could take you.


What Art and Design courses do we offer?

Foundation Year and HNDs

Art and Design Foundation Year degrees

These four-year courses give you a general grounding in the area before you move on to specialise in your chosen subject.

Art and Design HNDs

On completion of this two-year course, you'll be able to enter the world of employment or go on to further study.


Undergraduate Art and Design Degree Courses

Spend three years exploring the areas of art and design which interest you most. You’ll gain an understanding of the general skills you’ll need, and as you progress you’ll get the chance to shape your degree how you want to.


Postgraduate Art and Design degree courses

These courses will allow you to build on your undergraduate and work experiences to far, to further develop your skills and job prospects in a specific area.

Have a question? Read our Art and Design courses FAQs

Do I need to prepare an art and design portfolio for my course application?

As part of your application, we will need to see a portfolio of your work to provide an opportunity for you to share your creative practice with us. Any offers will be conditional upon our subject team having the opportunity to review your portfolio.

Find out more by reading our helpful portfolio guide

What social channels do your art and design courses have so I can follow you?

The below areas have an Instagram account so you can keep up to date with what our students and staff are up to:

Do you have to specialise in certain media or techniques, or can you explore a range?

The way the programmes work is that in year one you are taught the basics of a variety of media, such as painting, sculpture, photography, film, fibre, textiles etc and you can apply these processes to whatever ideas you are exploring in the studio. Students have the freedom to specialise in one particular media, or they can try out lots of different ways of working over the three years.

In years two and three will I have the opportunity to focus more on project work and will it be mostly self-directed projects?

In years two and three the workshops become optional. Our courses are very much studio-based and this is where you will be spending the majority of your time. 

What materials do you recommend I bring to start the course?

We have a resource centre that you can buy paint and brushes from, but depending on your budget, we recommend that you bring basic drawing materials and some basic tools.

Are the courses suitable for students that commute?

Yes! There is lots of support for commuter students at Salford. We have two Commuter Hubs which are designated areas on campus for commuters who want somewhere to study away from the library, make/eat their own food, or even play some Xbox games. Alongside that we have excellent transport links - there is reasonable parking on campus, there is a train station next to Peel Park Campus and there are buses running every few minutes into Manchester and going into Greater Manchester.