Acoustics and Audio Postgraduate Study

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If you are considering postgraduate study to either advance your career or take a new direction in acoustics and audio, explore how you can go further with the University of Salford.

For over 60 years, Salford has pioneered acoustics study and research to develop new knowledge, noise legislation and commercial audio products.

Led by expert tutors, our range of postgraduate acoustic and audio-focused courses explore the science of sound, vibration and its human impact.

Acoustics and audio postgraduate courses

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Drawing on over 60 years of expertise, and with a comprehensive suite of world-class acoustic laboratories, the University of Salford is a UK leader in acoustics teaching and research.

We offer graduates and industry professionals a range of postgraduate acoustics and audio courses that nurture the technical skills and real-world knowledge to help create a better sounding world.

Acoustics and audio postgraduate courses at Salford

Audio Acoustics (MSc)

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  • Study topics including architectural acoustics, psychoacoustics, dynamics and vibration, computer modelling and measurement
  • Have the opportunity to study specialist modules in digital signal processing and advanced loudspeaker and microphone design
  • Available with full-time and part-time either on campus or distance learning

Audio Production (MSc)

An audio mixing desk
  • Experience learning in audio-post recording, radio and TV studios as you study audio engineering and production at our sophisticated MediaCityUK campus, next door the BBC and ITV
  • Develop advanced skills highly-sought by communication, media and entertainment industries
  • Available with full-time and part-time study pathways

Environmental Acoustics (MSc)

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  • Explore architectural acoustics, psychoacoustics, dynamics and vibration, computer modelling and measurement
  • Choose to study specialist modules in environmental noise monitoring and noise control
  • Available with full-time and part-time study pathways, either on campus or via distance learning

Postgraduate research programmes


Acoustics researcher working with a microphone

A research programme at Salford can take your passion for acoustics and audio further. 

We engage in a wide range of research fields, including architectural and building acoustics, audio, environmental noise and soundscapes, psychoacoustics, signal processing, materials and vibro-acoustics.

We currently offer MRes, MPhil and PhD programmes in acoustics and audio research.

Go further with Salford


Take your science and engineering undergraduate qualifications into the exciting field of acoustics


Build on your existing acoustics and audio knowledge and skills to unlock career growth opportunities


Experience learning in professional and research environment as you explore emerging audio technologies and sound management trends


A postgraduate degree with Salford is a rewarding investment in your future.

Learn more about our postgraduate courses by visiting our next open day - we have dates throughout 2021.

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