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Acoustics at Salford

When you start an acoustics and audio-based degree with Salford, you are also joining a community making a difference in industry, our local region and in our wider society.

Many of our academics and technicians who support your course are also delivering collaborative, interdisciplinary, high-impact work that addresses local and global issues and challenges.

Read on and discover how you are part of something bigger.

Case study: Salsa Sound

Goal side view of Etihad Football Stadium in Manchester

As a pioneer in teaching, research, and commercial work in acoustics for five decades, the University of Salford's subject expertise has led to some cutting-edge, real-world technologies. One example where we’ve taken our local initiative worldwide is Salsa Sound.

Created in 2017 from research led by our Acoustics Research Centre, Salsa Sound creates innovative software to give sports fans an immersive and enhanced audio experience, regardless of whether they are watching content on a big screen or via social media on a mobile device. 

Growing from strength to strength, Salsa Sound continues to improve fans' audio immersive sports experience across the world.   Its latest software MIXaiR 2.0 uses AI to produce multiple simultaneous automated mixes for multiple platforms or different audiences, all compliant to appropriate noise standards. At the 2021 Sports TV Awards, it won the Outstanding Audio Innovation accolade.

Making an impact Acoustics Research Centre

Acoustics researcher working with a microphone

Pioneering acoustics research for over 60 years, the Acoustics Research Centre at the University of Salford brings together interdisciplinary expertise to explore societal challenges brought by noise and vibration in our environments.

Working closely with research councils, national and international government bodies, and industry partners, our researchers facilitate the development of global acoustics, audio and sound products and services, and influence regulations and standards used in the UK and worldwide.

    Laboratories and facilities

    Student setting up an experiment in the anechoic chamber, University of Salford

    The impact of our research and industry collaboration is enabled by our world-class acoustics and audio laboratories and facilities.

    Our students, researchers and industry partners all benefit from listening rooms, reverberation rooms, anechoic chambers, and an accredited calibration laboratory.

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    Case study: Noise and sound in the built environment

    Universities are integral to advancing our understanding of the world around us.  At Salford, we're leading vital research that addresses noise and vibration-related challenges. Our pioneering research in reducing noise and improving the sound of the built environment is just one example of how we do this. 

    Watch our REF21 summary video to learn more about this fascinating research project.