Where will a Criminology degree take me?

Fardeen's Story

Why Salford?

I study Criminology with Counselling and I am currently in my third and final year. I chose to study at the University of Salford due to it being the closest to home. I also opted for this university rather than others due to its reputation - I was informed by many graduates who attended that it is a great place and community to be a part of, which is something I have definitely experienced during my time here.

Why choose Criminology with Counselling?

Studying A level Sociology had a role to play in my decision to study Criminology at degree level. I wanted to enhance my academic literature and learn more about disadvantaged groups and societies that live in the UK today and possibly be a part of the solution to the problems that are faced. Counselling was a decision that was made after, as I rightly believed that Criminology and Counselling are both appealing combination to study.

What is studying Criminology like?

In the first two years of university, I studied through lectures and seminars and at times we had guest speaker. The guest speaker slots are great as they offer a real insight of life after graduation and what to expect so you can be well equipped and prepared. Alongside guest speakers, we are also taught through producing essays which allow us to complete our own research through helpful guidelines provided by the module leaders. I believe this is a great way to interact with the modules as it allows you to learn.

Is Criminology a good career?

I’ve also learnt Criminology is often misconceived as being similar to what is depicted in TV shows like CSI which focuses o n the life as a detective and criminal investigation. Though studying Criminology does allow us to think critically, there is more to Criminology than detective work. Studying Criminology opens up multiple career pathways such as probation officer and youth justice worker roles which include empathy and help stop reoffending.


Explore Criminology at Salford

Explore Criminology Courses at Salford

BSc (Hons) Criminology

You'll study a range of cutting-edge issues relating to crime and justice on our BSc (Hons) Criminology course with an emphasis on hands-on learning. In last year's National Student Survey, 100% of students surveyed agreed that the course provided opportunities to apply what they had learnt (University of Salford analysis of unpublished NSS 2020 data).


BSc (Hons) Criminology and Sociology

Studying Criminology and Sociology at Salford will provide you with a sound understanding of the key conceptual and substantive issues involved in the study of society, crime and criminal justice. 

This course achieved a 100% overall student satisfaction rate in 2020 (University of Salford analysis of unpublished NSS 2020 data).

BSc (Hons) Criminology with Counselling

This course uniquely combines criminology with counselling studies – two disciplines which are vital to the criminal justice system. Counselling has an important and expanding role in attending to the victims of crime, addressing some of the causes of offending, reducing re-offending, seeking restorative justice, and alleviating stress among criminal justice practitioners.

BSc (Hons) Criminology with Security

Our Criminology with Security programme is one of the first of its kind, combining security, intelligence and terrorism studies with criminological theory. This course responds to recent global events which highlight the importance of security in preventing, controlling and responding to all forms of crime, whether originating in local, national or transnational contexts. You will explore the role of security services, such as MI5 and MI6, the challenges and threats societies face today and the approaches that different states and other institutions have taken to achieve, enhance and maintain security.