Human performance laboratory

Our laboratories provide equipment and workshop facilities for hands-on clinical practice and research.

Human performance laboratory

Human Performance Laboratory

The Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) is a purpose-built, state-of-the art teaching and research facility, which contains an extensive range of biomechanical and physiological equipment.

The HPL is primarily used for sport science research and teaching, however it also covers a wide-range of sciences such as physiotherapy, podiatry and prosthetics and orthotics.

Teaching in the HPL includes BSc (Hons) Sports Science, BSc (Hons) Sport Rehabilitation, BSc (Hons) Exercise, Nutrition and Health, MSc Strength and Conditioning, MSc Sport Injury Rehabilitation and MSc Advanced Physiotherapy.

Prosthetics and Orthotics Laboratory

Prosthetics and Orthotics Laboratory

Our Prosthetics and Orthotics students get experience of hands-on, clinical practice while dealing with patients in our custom-designed clinic rooms.

Further practice is undertaken in our workshops, which boast a well-equipped machine room with CADCAM facilities and the plaster room, where impressions of patients' anatomy can be modified for the manufacture of custom made prostheses or orthoses.

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to conduct motion analysis in one of three movement laboratories. Postgraduate students also carry out research that contributes towards their Master or Doctorate degrees.

If you are interested in hiring these facilities, please call +44 (0)161 295 0043 or visit the web page for more information. 

Psychology laboratories

Psychology student headset

The psychology testing suites provide a comfortable and friendly environment in which to carry out a wide range of psychological testing, including:

  • An eye tracker laboratory including Tobii T120 and Tobii X2-60 eye trackers, as well as a head mounted eye tracking system.
  • A psycho-physiology lab, including multiple functional near-infrared spectroscopy systems – the fNIR imager 1000, and NIRSport.
  • An observation suite complete with multi-recording video from controllable cameras and a one-way mirror for observation-based investigations.
  • A recently built, flexible testing suite that includes a waiting room and spaces for cognitive testing, interviews and focus groups.
  • Growing research capabilities in the utilisation of virtual reality. The department currently conducts research using both Oculus Rift head mounted devices and our CAVE VR system, The Octave.
  • A dedicated computer suite allowing access to a range of psychological programs such as E-Prime, and analysis tools, such as IBM’s SPSS statistics software.

If you are interested in hiring these facilities, please call +44 (0)161 295 0278 or visit the web page for more information.