Sport Science Laboratories

Sport Science Laboratories at the University of Salford.

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Steve Horton
Specialist Technician – Sport Science

Our Sport Science Laboratories are hubs of innovation, where groundbreaking research and cutting-edge technology come together to transform athletic performance and enhance the learning of our students and researchers. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and the latest industry-leading equipment, our labs provide an unparalleled environment for research and hands-on learning experiences. 

Laboratories, equipment, and services

Discover our cutting-edge laboratories, equipment, and services, offering innovative research opportunities and tailored support for athletes, coaches, and researchers alike. 

Sport Science Laboratories

Human Performance Laboratory

This laboratory houses a 10-camera Qualisys Oqus 7, 3D motion capture camera system alongside an eight-camera Qualisys Miqus markerless motion capture system. Both of these systems are focused around a section of our 30m running track containing 5 indwelling AMTI 900x600mm AMTI force plates. We can also integrate either Delsys or Noraxon EMG devices as the need arises into the system to give an extremely powerful 3D motion capture system that is used by our research teams, postgraduate students, and for undergraduate teaching. Within the HPL, we also have: 

  • Two Isokinetic Dynamometers (Biodex System 4 and a KinCom AP2).
  • Alter-G Via anti-gravity treadmill.
  • A variety of high-speed video cameras.
  • Portable Kistler force plates.
  • Brower and Witty timing gate systems.
  • Access to Quintic Biomechanics video analysis software.
  • A range of other biomechanical assessment devices, tools, and systems.

Exercise Physiology Laboratory

Our Exercise Physiology Laboratory contains an array of systems used to determine physical fitness and health, including:

  • Multiple Cortex MetaLyser CPET carts with integrated ECG.
  • Woodway treadmills.
  • Biosen C-Line bench-top blood lactate and glucose analyser.
  • A range of handheld lactate and glucose analysers.
  • Quo-Lab HbA1C analyser for glycated haemoglobin.
  • Bodystat 1500 Sport and Quadscan body composition analysers.
  • Finapres NOVA for non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring using just a finger cuff.
  • A variety of other devices to measure physiological parameters such as Polar heart rate monitors, manual and automatic blood pressure systems, Harpenden skinfold callipers, and pulse oximeters.

Strength and Conditioning Suite

The Strength and Conditioning Suite was fully refurbished in the summer of 2022 to incorporate the new Plae Systems rubberised flooring to allow weights to be used anywhere within the room.

We have 5 fixed Powerlift racks alongside 5 more mobile lifting stands, a range of Eleiko Olympic weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, two K-Box eccentric trainers, and many other specialist items. This facility is used extensively in both our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes as well as research and enterprise activities. 

Body Composition Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art body composition laboratory features technologies such as the BodPod, allowing athletes to monitor their body composition during different stages of the competitive season. This is extremely important in weight-controlled sports such as boxing. This laboratory also plays an important role in assessing energy balance and general health status in clients who are not from sporting backgrounds. 

Exercise Physiology Testing Service

Our excellent facilities are used to support athletes via our exercise testing service. Clients undertake a variety of key laboratory and field-based tests to assist in the prescription of training and subsequent improvements in performance. This service focuses mostly on endurance-based sports, namely running and cycling. We have a strong client base, many of whom are repeat visitors.

Please visit the Exercise Physiology Testing Service page