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Global demand for artificial limbs, (Prosthetics) and devices that fit to the body (Orthotics) such as braces, footwear and insoles to improve the quality of life of people from all backgrounds is soaring. However, the people who make, fit and monitor prosthetics and orthotic devices require a rare combination of clinical, medical and engineering skills.

Which is why we are proud that our unique facilities are home to a £5 million-pound research centre designed to create the next generation of doctorally qualified leaders in Prosthetics and Orthotics. The project brings together 27 industry and clinical partners.

Within our broader portfolio of research, training and partnerships that provision of P&O devices and services, is our Undergraduate Training Programme. As one of only two Institutions in the United Kingdom currently offering this programme, we provide a superb learning environment for students to begin their training and embark on a fascinating career opportunity.


Our purpose-built facility includes areas for clinical examination and treatment, as well as facilities for Prosthetic and Orthotic device manufacturing which are manned and supported by the specialist expertise of our technical and academic staff. 

Prosthetics and Orthotics resources

Bespoke clinical suite

The suite features the specialist equipment required for assessing, measuring and casting amputees’ limbs and all our service users, including; plinths, parallel bars, plaster sinks and additional equipment for practicing, such as 3D mannequins. Our students can practice their hands-on skills as well as how to assess, fit and align their devices for their patients to use.

Plaster room

Our Plaster Room is used to enhance and modify traditionally captured 3D body segments, prior to manufacture.

Fully tailored and equipped workshop

Features all the specialist equipment required for the design and manufacture of bespoke prosthetics and orthotics.

Machine room and CAD CAM suite

Set up to enable the 3D CAD-CAM milling of Prosthetics and Orthotics as well as more traditional production methods.


Our modern gym allows us the opportunity to monitor the performance of our devices during different activities of daily living, away from normal human walking.

Rehabilitation room

A smaller clinical room, for small tutorials or group work.

Anatomy room

Includes 3d anatomical models and learning resources such as books and projectors allowing students to enhance their understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Gait analysis lab

Our gait analysis lab is equipped with force plate, video and motion capture systems allowing us to conduct 2d vector video and 3d instrumented gait analysis of our patients.

Additional facilities

These include a separate computer suite, lecture rooms, lounge, and various areas for postgraduate research and “resource rooms” for staff and students alike to pool information and learning.

The School of Prosthetics and Orthotics is situated within the University’s School of Health and Society and has access to further resources and infrastructure such as clinical simulation suites and libraries.