International Placement for Mental Health Nursing Student

Bethan, who is a current MA Mental Health Nursing student, tells us about her experience of an international placement opportunity and how she has been lucky enough to go on two!

In May last year as part of international week (and International Nurse's Day!) I went to Utrecht with students from Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Chile to listen to a series of lectures regarding healthcare. Salford did a lecture on the UK perspective of sexual health and young people which I also helped to provide research towards. During this week, as well as being able to network and learn about different cultures, particularly in relation to healthcare, I was also able to take part in a disaster emergency simulation, equipping me with skills for the future. I've attached three images from this experience. 

Then in January this year, I went to Finland for 6 weeks on a solo nursing placement, which was my first time travelling alone. My placement was with a home based rehabilitation team for the elderly, with a particular focus on substance misuse. Whilst here, I also travelled to Estonia, which is the picture of me with the colourful background. I learnt so much during this placement, both academically and on a personal level, and I'm so glad I did it. I really wanted to build my confidence and to improve my cultural competence, to help me be a more open minded nurse in the future and to be able to establish meaningful relationships with my patients. I've attached six images of my time in Finland.

These were both huge steps out of my comfort zone but ones that I'm so glad I did!! 

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