Is Salford University Good for Nursing?

Maine's Story

I originally applied for the BSc Adult Nursing through UCAS, but when I attended the interview I was offered the option of the MA Adult Nursing which I happily accepted as I enjoy critical analysis and writing at level 7. My course finished in March 2020, sadly I never got to graduate officially due to Covid-19.

Why Salford?

I have studied at Salford previously in 2010 where I did my Masters in Computer Gaming. I knew how good Salford was and when it came to going back to university for studying Nursing there was no other option for me. Salford was the only university I applied to.

The support and facilities at the University of Salford were really great! The simulation suite is top of the line, the library, study spaces etc. All modern, comfortable and available for students. I was always using the Allerton learning spaces such as the Hive, which was ideal for study groups, practising presentations, holding society meetings etc. I also had fantastic support from lecturers. The thing I love about Salford the most is that the staff are really approachable and helpful. I was able to meet with lecturers and have discussions whenever I needed it, my personal tutor was absolutely brilliant and still supports and checks in on us even though we have graduated.

Is Salford good for Nursing?

I loved studying Nursing at Salford. Working with other student nurses was one of the best things about the course. There is a real community feel and we all understand the hardship and sacrifice that comes with the training so the support and encouragement we gave to each other was inspiring. 

We immediately started working with patients, it's really hands-on so I was able to learn a lot in a short time. Having never worked in care I was nervous about starting on placement, but the clinical skills training provided in the Simulation Suites at was excellent. Salford have state of the art mannequins where we can practice different scenarios, techniques and skills to prepare us for real-world practice.

The facilities were great. The availability and quality of the facilities at Salford was amazing. The learning environment was so important for me, and being able to easily book and use spaces was really helpful in practicing for exams, presentations and the OSCE.

Our lecturers are nurses and have first-hand knowledge of working in care, it was great to learn from their experiences. They were always able to help and make themselves available to support students whether it was personal, professional or financial, they were always there to help which was probably the most important part of the experience: having lecturers who cared about me as a person and not just as a student.

Since graduating...

Living abroad and working with nurses from other countries I am complimented on my knowledge and skills in Nursing, even though I am only recently graduated. This to me shows the quality and breadth of education that I received at Salford. The tools and support they provided has allowed me to learn and become the nurse I am today.

Currently I am living in The Netherlands and undertaking an intensive Dutch language course in preparation for my staatsexamen (dutch language examination). I need to pass this examination to get onto the Dutch nursing registry so I can work as a nurse here. Until then we will be working in Care homes as care support workers.

As soon as I pass the language exam I can work in any area I wish. I want to work in Spoedeisende hulp (A&E), In the future I hope to return to University and undertake further training to become a Verpleegkindige specialist (Nurse practitioner), but my Dutch needs to be more advanced than it currently is.